Sep 21 2023 - Sep 26 2023


3:00 pm - 3:00 pm



Life-Giving Intimate Sacred Plant Healing Retreat—Germany

Reserve Your Space For An Intimate Life-Giving Retreat. 

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There aren’t words capable of describing your retreats, only the immense felt safety and trusted holding, trusted space to truly give yourself to your inner work. To see others and be seen, the power of the circle. I absolutely will refer friends. ~ Nigel

Book your Residential Retreat for 6 days and 5 nights at a beautiful private retreat center, about 50 km or 45 min North of Berlin, easily reached by Train.

Begins: Thursday, September 21 at 3:00 PM and ends Tuesday, September 26 at 3:00 PM

6 spaces are available for this intimate retreat — to rest, be seen, and receive a personal limpia (healing). 


Complete the required application.  Throughout our application process, you will receive information about diet preparation, accommodation, covid-19 policy, and our terms and conditions. Once you have completed your registration we will review your application. If you are not able to attend this retreat due to eligibility requirements or because we are full. You will receive a refund. Link to our cancellation policy.


Participants Report:

It was all so incredibly meaningful for me. Most profound is the journey that began on day 1, how I was supported and guided by Prajna, which helped me to begin deep healing. I shall take my power, kindness, and re-found softness with me… ~ Natalie

The highlights of the retreat were all the opportunities and invitations to trust and be trusted, to see each other and be seen. Overall there aren’t words capable of describing Prajna’s retreats, only the immense felt safety and trusted holding to fully give yourself to your inner work. ~ Nigel 


This was my second retreat with Prajna. It was magic! I was crying a lot and laughing too. All in silence! I feel that Prajna’s power of healing is increasing. She connects perfectly with the innermost structure of everybody. She knows what is best to progress on your own path and become more human. I feel that I progressed light years on my way to full human development. ~ R.C.

“The plants and connection with my body allowed me to process unresolved traumas and emotions — to see, feel, and honor the learning they bring.” Carolina

“Retreats are a direct way to heal and learn from Mother Earth. And I absolutely love Prajna’s humor.” ~ Lena R.


An intimate journey with personalized attention to heal and fill your capacity to live your life with greater ease, purpose, and integrity.

Carefully crafted therapeutic processes & shadow work that shed toxic shame, revive energy, clarify the great work of your life & unleash your authentic expression.

Wisdom teachings & guided meditations that offer rest and ground your experience in your body while connecting you to Mother Earth.

Curative care for painful identifications, core beliefs & conditioning to relax, unhook, and dismantle in vital presence.

Limpias (healings) in our open—heart group dynamic. A safe space for our shared humanity to be met, seen, and attended to with passion and playfulness for our collective evolution.

Yoga stretches, dance, dynamic movement & time in nature. Delicious diet-friendly meals.

We will work with Sacred Tobacco as our foundational plant medicine: Tobacco is Mother Earth’s firstborn, the most revered plant in the entire jungle for its power to teach, cure, communicate, and protect. Tobacco helps invoke the power of other plant medicines. It is food for their spirits.

Learn more about our retreats and sacred tobacco here.

The highlight of my retreat was without a doubt the limpia. They are the most real experiences I feel I’ve had in my life. Such a privilege to witness and be a part of. A true blessing. I rose up and found a strength inside me that felt so strong which I will hold onto. ~ Guy 


The highlight of the retreat was Prajna and observing her work with gentleness and immaculate skill in empowering transformation for each and every one of us. ~ Roger Ash Wheeler

Retreats are a direct way to heal and learn from Mother Earth. And I absolutely love Prajna’s humor. ~ Lena R.

Residential Retreat Tuition for 6 days and 5 nights: $925 (does not include accommodation which is approximately 300 euros).

Application and a 50% deposit are required to hold your space. Please see our payment terms and conditions.

All participants are required to stay for the full retreat, without exceptions.

Accommodation: approximately 300 euros. Payment for accommodation is made directly to the representative for our location and includes all meals. Once we receive your application and deposit, you will receive more details about this location.

For questions about the location and accommodation please email: or phone number 015229578374

We’re happy to answer additional questions about the content of the retreat. Please send us a contact request for a confidential conversation on Signal or Zoom.


Learn more about the content and benefits of our retreats here.

“Beautiful compassion, deep wisdom with an eye on the inner child.”
“Curious, relieved, and playful to go this way with me!”

“Most beneficial ceremonies, challenges, deep healing, and connection.”
“Getting into my feet and not dimming my light to fit it.”
“Liquid love bringing clarity and grounding.”
“Prajna’s holding, gratitude, calm, happy…”
“Magical.” ~ Satisfied Particpants


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  1. Grikor Demircian


    I live in Berlin and really want to join the retreat on September. I’m just no able to pay the full price. Is there any option without accommodation. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to stay with you but I can not afford it.

    Love to to all of you

    • Prajna O'Hara

      Thank you for your question. Please go to the website contact and send a message for us to speak about this with you. Thank you

  2. Lynn



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