“This work is quite simply all the world needs to heal itself.” D.C.

Truly Incredible

“Prajna, you are remarkable. I came to Spain retreat with a heaviness. I have returned feeling so much lighter…


The beautiful work you are doing for humanity goes beyond any words I can muster together. Truly truly incredible.

Prajna has transformed my life and those of some of my dearest friends in ways that are unimaginable. After only my second retreat with Prajna I feel 40 years of the most painfully limiting conditioning is melting away.

I feel a profound sense of ease, joy and authenticity like never before in my life.

Words cannot describe how indebted I feel for the spectacular service Prajna so graciously provides to humanity. This work is quite simply all the world needs to heal itself.”

—D.C. Retreat Participant, 2019 

Liberates at the Earth Level

“Prajna’s retreats open up areas in the body which can be holding shadow material. Material which drives…


…unconscious behaviour, our actions that we don’t understand – our behaviours that are automatic yet we don’t understand why we act the way we do or feel the way we do.

Pain which has descended through our lineage, our parents’ pain, their parents’ pain becomes our conditioned behaviour and beliefs.

Included, of course, is our pain from this life – our traumas from childhood, relationships…residue can be left in the body, limiting our ability to connect and open fully to life.

I’ve been lucky enough to be with Prajna many times, whose divine work has entered areas within me previously unseen, unfelt and unresolved. This medicine has enabled a stepping forward into my power as a woman. It has shown me where I’ve been blocked and where I’m now free.

Prajna liberates at the Earth level…’the down in the thick of it human experience’. Combined with that is her wisdom of the true self, assisting in opening up our realisation of both the relative and the absolute.

Truly deep work honoured by her dedication to the plants. Spain retreat is a deep dive into freeing ourselves of what holds us back, it’s also a dive into the union of nature, sensing our interconnectedness with the mountains, the trees and all that is.”

—J.O. Retreat Participant, 2019

Blossom More Fully

“Beautifully held with wisdom, care and humor. Relaxing and empowering. Thank you so much for holding such…


…a precious, empowering, deep, humorous, life changing space for us all. I feel so grateful that we got to do the retreat before the virus took hold and changed things.

I was struck by how different my experience was this time, compared to a very easy, blissful time the first time… and I’m also really grateful for some lessons learned this time, although some of it has been challenging, it is definitely worth it, to get to know myself, to learn to be kinder and more accepting of myself which helps me do the same for others.

I’m looking forward to the next one already, whenever that may be!

I also wanted to express my gratitude for the daily meditations that you are doing, they are part of my morning practice and are supporting me to support the others in my life, thank you. This ‘daily dose of Prajna’ is perfect timing and helping me to carry the energy of the retreat forward.

Because the retreat was so beautifully held, with wisdom, care and humor, I was able to relax deeply into a personal process, feeling safe and held enough for deep work to take place.

Thank you so much for holding such a precious, empowering, life changing space for us all. The retreat was so skillfully held, with wisdom and deep care.

Your generosity, warmth and fierce commitment to each one of us provided the opportunity for profound healing to take place. Your kindness and humor supported me to reach deep inside myself, to peel back some layers and blossom more fully into who I’m here to be.”

—E.L. Retreat Participant, 2019

“A profound shift that has been a lifetime coming.” A.B.

Truly Life Changing

“Working with Prajna grows richer and richer. Prajna holds an incredibly safe and sacred space for transformation…


…at the deepest levels of heart, psyche, and soul.

I have been attending Prajna’s retreats for over two years now and the fruits of these retreats continue to unfold within myself and within my life. This work is truly life changing.

I am stronger, more secure in myself, and more trusting of life. I move more freely in the world in an empowered way. I am more accepting of myself and others. I feel more and more, I am embodying my fullness, and I am more present in my life.

In this way, Prajna’s work benefits not only myself, but all those in my life. I would highly, highly recommend that you attend a retreat with Prajna.”

—A.P. Retreat Participant, 2017

Profound, Sacred, Human

“My overall feeling about the retreat is hard to articulate. It’s like I want to go home and create lots of artwork!… I’m in awe.


Total respect and love for Prajna and all of us here. It has felt thorough, deep, profound, sacred, & human.”

—Z.S. Retreat Participant, 2018

Helped me Save my own Life

“I don’t have adequate words to describe my gratitude for Prajna’s skill and compassion. She has literally…


…helped me save my own life and thrive within it. Her generosity with this work is immense and the humor and realness and vitality she brings to it encourages me to bring that to my own life.

Thank you, dear Prajna.”

—A.E. Retreat Participant, 2017

“Prajna’s work is a paradigm shift.” V.D.

Dancing in the Moonlight

“The retreat was profound and inspiring. Beauty-filled. Thank you so much, Prajna. Full respect. I…


…particularly loved your facilitation, the quality of the sacraments, your teachings, the beautiful venue and location silence, and dancing in the moonlight.

I am grateful for all the magical downloads and healings I received.”

—S.H. Retreat Participant, 2018

A Life-Changing Experience

“Words cannot express my gratitude to Prajna and all the participants for their presence, support, and…


…openness on the retreat. I’ve had so many insights, deep healing, and clarity throughout the week. The silence allowed me to really deepen that connection with myself and everyone was so respectful of each other’s journey.

It was an absolute honor and privilege to be amongst so many beautiful souls. It was a life-changing experience. I have huge love for everyone on this retreat… We will be a family forever.”

—M.S. Retreat Participant, 2018

Never Felt Peace like this Before

“Retreat with Prajna was a life-changing experience. Never in my entire life have I felt a Peace like…


…this before. I will be forever grateful. The highlight of the retreat was Prajna’s strong and loving guidance; she protected me, yet at the same time encouraged me to find my own strength and courage.”

—L.S. Retreat Participant, 2018

“Prajna holds a space I have not yet come across.” S.A.

Deep Cleansing and Acceptance

“The pinnacle of my summer was the ceremony we shared. I did my best to prepare for it but I really did not…


…expect such a profound experience. It was life changing. I have never experienced such power and wisdom wielded with such care and gentleness. Deep cleansing and acceptance took place and I am still feeling it. Thank you.”

—M.C. Retreat Participant, 2018

Deeply Living the Life I Have

“Tremendous yet subtle changes have taken place for me since doing the retreat. I wouldn’t undermine…


…subtlety at this stage of my awakening. I’m not looking for earth shaking or shattering movements; I think I’ve had enough of those to last many lifetimes.

It seems like the plant medicine has been gently working on me to loosen the knots and integrate. I feel more at ease with life–with myself, with others, with my garden, with my pets, and with my body.

There is a renewed sense of deeply living the life that I have and also being more open to welcoming what awaits me.”

—K.L. Retreat Participant, 2018

My Foundation is Stronger

“Prajna is a wise, intuitive and strong being who has the ability to see clearly what is going on for each…


…person. Her warm and caring heart makes me feel totally comfortable and loved unconditionally. Her insight and presence has healed issues I have had in my small intestine for years.

I feel my foundations are getting stronger and the real me is beginning to surface without compromise. I am beginning to speak my truth more easily and I fully recommend anyone, if they feel called, to experience and spend time with this amazing woman.”

—G.H. Retreat Participant, 2018


Header photo credit: Sangeet Henry.