Edge of Grace – Fierce Awakenings to Love

Edge of Grace is a harrowing and life-affirming story of vulnerability that compels us to recover our most feminine instincts and deep-rooted wisdom.

After decades of spiritual practice and recovery, Prajna’s dream of a thriving career and family shattered in the course of a weekend. With intimate storytelling, Prajna recounts the ecstasy of home birth and the tragedy of birth interrupted by medical interventions. Her heroine’s journey began with the heartbreak of mothering one-pound brain-injured twins. She walks us through the most humbling emotional ordeals that uncover the indomitable power of the feminine spirit.

An extraordinary medicine story. One that can have a powerful effect. The benefits extend far beyond family.” —Charles Eisenstein, Author, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible…

“A heroic journey of courage and resiliency that honors woman and motherhood.” —Chloe Goodchild, Author, The Naked Voice

“A story overflowing with authenticity, vulnerability and the light of wisdom rooted in real life, in the heart and body opened by pain to become a source of compassion. You will not be able to put it down.” —Christine Mulvey, Author, Mine to Carry

“Edge of Grace is both heartbreaking and heart opening, simultaneously. When decisions about our bodies are made by others and our voice is stifled, deep pain ensues.  Prajna’s inspirational, autobiographical story is a potent and feminine voice.  With self-honesty and tenderness, she reshapes deep pain, using it as a catalyst for transcendence. Her words are a significant offering for the silenced feminine.”

Jac O’Keeffe, Author of Born to be Free and How to be a Spiritual Rebel, Co-Founder of the Association for Spiritual Integrity

“Prajna offers us a moving story of one woman’s profound commitment to mothering, awakening, and love. Her fierce dedication to follow her own feminine wisdom and truth is so inspiring. Her story shines with courage, beauty, authenticity and redemption.”

Lisa Schrader, Founder of AwakeningShakti.com

“This is the story of a Spiritual BadAss! It’s impressive when the gurus and yogis of the world can attain peace by sitting in lotus position in a cave somewhere… But when you can attain true peace and equanimity with the Herculean challenges Prajna has faced – now THAT’s a Spiritual BadAss!”

Sonika Tinker & Christian Pedersen, Founders of loveworksforyou.com

“I devoured Edge of Grace in two days. I found Prajna’s true story to be profoundly inspiring, beautifully written, and a total page-turner.
It’s been a little while since I was so totally captivated by a book.”

Eleanor Tara, Founder, Vedic Astrologer and Healing Musician