The new moon in Taurus signifies radical energetic shifts alongside the need to anchor your body in stillness.

In this post, I cover key ideas to skillfully harness your internal energetic codes and turn your dreams and visions into a reality.

Set an intention for your personal and planetary best in May.

If you feel like you’ve been working at a demolition site for the past few months, possibly years, you are not alone. We’ve been undergoing an epic collective deconstruction — a purge on many levels. We’ve been healing ancestral trauma, unloading personal baggage, and working hard to be with the excruciating sting of a world on fire.

Old foundations have collapsed.

Chaos will continue to disrupt what isn’t working for life on our planet yet the emotional charge is relaxing, softening, and feels less intense. As a growing conscious collective, more of us are experiencing REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. As a dream therapist, I appreciate the value of REM for our mental well-being.

Our dreams are more vivid; we process the emotional experiences of our day more easily; our nervous system is regulated; problem-solving and creativity are supported.

(I will post more about the healing potential of dreams and the exquisite value of knowing your dream maker soon. Dreams are soul medicine.)

It’s time to dust off the ashes, walk on, and congratulate yourself for navigating volatile currents. You should feel lighter, relieved, and able to clarify your intention for your work, personal life, relationships, health, and most importantly — play.

Hearts are opening and expanding. Momentum is building.

Let yourself feel the excitement for the vision that is emerging before you.

You do not have to live in the rumble.

On April 18th, I returned from a month in the jungle of Peru where I happily subjected myself to a private month-long shedding. I chose isolation without the internet, people, toiletries, hot water, or electricity. A cup of fruit was delivered to my tambo door each morning and a bowl of rice later in the afternoon. My maestro, Ernesto Torres Garcia visited me each day with a prayer, an Ikaro (medicine song), instructions, and a concoction of the specific tree I was dieting.

Once Ernesto left me, I leaped into an ice-cold shower and began my two-hour cycle of breathing exercises with intermittent interruptions of the inevitable purge. The purge isn’t only a head-in-the-bucket moment. We release through every orifice of the body. In the same way, we receive sensations and information through every orifice of the body. Sometimes all at once like an amplified rock concert.

Purging is similar to throwing out a loaf of stale toast. If we keep it, it turns to mold, the mold becomes horrid, spreads and putrefies the entire kitchen. In a few weeks, our dog might eat it and die. Eventually, the kitchen crawls with germs and critters that we must deconstruct and sanitize the ruin.

Kitchens in dreams are a positive sign that we are making new medicine/food to bring into our bodies or to those we care for.

Every time we shed or unload an old narrative, we feel empowered to step into our sovereignty. We can claim and experience the powerful benefits of what is innate to us, recognize more clearly who we are, and what it is like to live from a state of being that is excited about life.

May is a time to shift inner patterns.

The purpose of transitions is always to empower us and make us feel more alive. Growth is not linear. We may be presented with an early childhood pattern. We can ask ourselves, “Am I going to repeat the same pattern?” “Or am I going to step out of an old house and into my power this time around?”

The new moon in Taurus reinforces endings and beginnings.

What intention will you set for the new seed you want to plant in your life?

What is the medicine you wish to bring forth?

Gaia is also going through an upgrade.

Do you have an intention to support the new earth that is evolving?

Things to keep in mind. Taurus doesn’t like surprises or rocking the boat too quickly.

It is important to let our internal environment be still and anchored with deep roots. We focus on operating from a steady center, a space of stillness to which we can always return.

When energy is moving fast or feeling chaotic, we want to know in advance where is the place that supports us to feel centered and grounded.

Is it a walk barefoot on the beach? Star gazing? Gardening? A walk in the forest? Meditating? Journaling? Calling a friend who feels steady and calm?

Landing in an internal place of stability allows us to observe, go slow, and feel safe. We are empowered to make the best of the energetic shifts being offered throughout this time.

Life can be speedy and complex, while at the same time, we can keep our center very solid and still.

  1. Set an intention for yourself
  2. Throw out the stale bread
  3. Step out of the rubble
  4. Return to stillness
  5. Milk the bliss every step of the way

This new moon is about growth and milking the bliss in the aftermath of shedding.