Grounded Spirituality

Rooted in Ancient Wisdom 

Honoring Your Humanness 


Hello, I’m Prajna. Author, mother, and IFS & trauma-informed Hakomi therapist & dharma teacher grounded in earth wisdom.

I’m familiar with trauma, shut down, overwhelm, and the yearning unleash what you know in your bones. I walk with you.

My passion is tilling brave space to unearth all of it: the wounded, scary, messy, ecstatic, beautiful. Everything is a sacred portal.

My work is informed by four decades of embodied practices that serve to examine, excavate and unlearn the ways of dominant culture. I invite curative care that fosters connection, authenticity, and grounded spirituality. I support you to be who you are while restoring innate emotional body intelligence and re-wiring balance of yin and yang for sacred reciprocity with all beings.

You need not transcend your humanness. Love is calling you in and down. Empty here. Stay here.

Welcome to fertile ground. YOU without a worn out conditioned construct as an identity. Rather as a seed of love.

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“Prajna is a true friend in the vastness. May all beings benefit from her dharma.”


My Offerings

Wherever you are in your journey, every step informs the next.

As a mother, spiritual teacher, Hakomi therapist, my work is IFS and trauma-informed by four decades of personal healing, dharma teachings, curative vocations and supporting seekers on their journey home to be who they are.


I am here to mirror what you already know deep in your bones. 



All of life is a doorway home to your true self. Together we untangle, dismantle & unpack conceptual constructs that mask your authentic expression. Transformation unfolds. Your gifts emerge. Self love & balance are restored. You are empowered to live bravely as you, love in a body.


Our retreats offer a rare fusion of non-dual feminine wisdom teachings, potent meditations, somatic healing therapies and sacred plant healing for trauma resolution, integration and engaged living. Join us for a day ceremony, weekend intensive, or deep immersion retreat. 

“Prajna, I love the way you transmit direct experience. I am relaxing, body shaking, tears releasing in this deep interior, energy descending down to my legs, grounding my body.   I feel directly met on so many levels.” ~ N.R. Sebastopol, CA ’19

“After 15 years of therapy, you guided my way to release. I found new hope. I am touched, overwhelmed and amazed by all of the beauty we carry inside of us. I now believe in my innocence.” ~ A.G. Retreat Participant ’19


BOOK: How Sacred Plant Teachers Heal Trauma & Empower Your Life

GUIDE: Five Keys for Thriving Amidst Challenge

Read Prajna’s Best selling Book

Edge of Grace — A Fierce Awakening to Love

Edge of Grace shatters the illusion of a perfect state of enlightenment. This is a true uncensored story that rattles conceptual cages of transcendence and invites the full embrace of our humanity for meaningful engagement with life.

“So good, so readable and vivid, such a page turner. You won’t be able to put it down!” ~ Dr. S Roberts


“There is magic in Prajna’s voice — the breathtaking honest telling of a dramatic human story. The moving, uplifting, cleansing, surging power that makes you feel you’ll never be the same again!”

~Sarah Tavner, BBC Documentary Producer