Cell Phone Policy

Silence is our most potent medicine. Our cell phone policy supports the healing and meditative container of our retreat. Our retreats our held in social silence. This allows each participant to be fully present, turn within, rest deeply and focus on a given process without interruption.

There will be opportunities for dialogue and checking in throughout our time together. Journaling is a wonderful way to express your voice and unfolding. Most participants find eliminating social chatter to be extremely refreshing.

Cell phone use and communication with the outside world during retreat can be a counter-productive distraction and potentially have a detrimental impact on your healing process and on the retreat as a whole.

It is prohibited to use cell phones to communicate with the outside world (calls, messages, social media, internet use, etc.) during retreat. By attending a retreat with us, you agree to keep your cell phone off or in airplane mode for the duration of the retreat. You may use your cell phone as a camera or alarm, with this understanding in mind.

You will have the option to turn in your phone when you arrive for safekeeping until the end of the retreat. We trust you to abide by this policy for your benefit and the entire container of retreat. If your family/friends need to reach you in an emergency, we will provide an emergency contact prior to retreat or directly upon arrival. We advise that you attend to all personal, professional and family matters prior to retreat. Please inform your loved ones that you will be out of contact for the duration of the retreat.

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