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“Prajna’s skill and intuitive wisdom of the plants guided me to break through a block I have suffered from for years. I experienced healing deeper than before. I’m renewed with clarity and strength to stand in my power. Immense gratitude for her capacity to support us to deep connection and inner peace.”
Tara Castleberry

“Prajna has my full trust. I have never felt safer. She creates a sacred space to dive deep into our humanity with joy to clear unconscious material. Her limpias (healings) are like nothing I’ve experienced with other guides. I emerge with more clarity, safely grounded in this body.”
Ariana Wohlstatta

Calling all truth seekers & truth-tellers, personal & collective healing initiates, and wild revolutionaries to mend your life, dance your dance, and step into your authentic becoming.

Join Prajna and her team for a deep immersion, a passionate and playful exploration that will radically change your life. Prajna’s tremendous skill, utter compassion, and dedication to healing, dharma, and deep soul work continue to fuel transformation for hundreds of returning participants.

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Noble Silence is the container for our retreats. We unplug to enhance inner exploration, nourishment, and exquisite rest.

Our Cosmic Hospital is what makes our retreats unique. Each participant receives a personalized ‘limpia,’ — with utmost curative care in a powerful group dynamic. Parts that have been denied, shamed, abandoned, or wounded are held in a warm compassionate community. Through containing, witnessing, and mirroring, your social nervous system regulation is enhanced and your healing increases exponentially. Benefits bloom forward and backward in time.

We are eager to support you in the next step on your unique journey — to inspire your creativity, metabolize wounding, and mend relations.

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We offer a day-long retreat up to twelve-day deep immersion residential retreats in the states, Europe and South America.

Retreats that include entheogenic plant medicine take place in South America and are guided by Prajna and Shipibo healers that Prajna has had extensive training with. Prajna has completed a full course of tree dietas with Ernesto Garcia (renowned Peruvian Tobacquedero)  

Our retreats with sacred plants are led by Prajna and her carefully chosen team. Review our master plant teachers page for clarification.

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A Time to Slow Down with Mother Earth


“These retreats are extraordinary. Beyond imagination. So many traumas have washed away. Each moment has its own special and unique benefit. The gift and learning from the plants continue to inform me. The support is perfect.” Damian Brown

Amazon Jungle

“An astonishingly intense awakening that cleared hurt and anger, making space for optimism, freedom, and love. I will be back for sure.” Paul Allen

The Earth Temple

“The sense of community on retreat offers profound healing of early wounds. My connection to my body, humanity, and soul has shifted immensely. Eternal love & respect for this work.” Kiernan Dundan

Ocean Views

“The last retreat affected me profoundly. The potency of the plant teachers has penetrated the dense stagnation of my long illness. My dharma path of healing has opened to the next phase. Much love.” Jo K.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

“Thank you for amassing sacred experience. My heart is full. I feel good in my body. I feel power like never before. And deep quiet.” Martin P.

“Prajna’s work has helped me be comfortable with being myself. I was held back by many old painful beliefs that have gently fallen away. I am able to meet challenge with so much grace and love. I have gained a new community that feels like family! I can always reach out to someone who understands me. 

Prajna holds the most incredibly safe and supportive space to dive deep, empty out, and fill up with love. Huge gratitude.” L.F.


Uncover Your True Passionate Self

What You Will Receive 

• An intimate journey with personalized attention to heal and fill your capacity to live your life with greater ease, purpose, and integrity.

• Carefully crafted therapeutic processes & shadow work that sheds toxic shame, revives energy, clarifies the great work of your life & unleashes your authentic expression.

• Wisdom teachings & guided meditations that offer rest and ground your experience in your body while connecting you to Mother Earth.

• Curative care for painful identifications, core beliefs & conditioning to relax, unhook, and dismantle in vital presence. 

• Limpias (healings) in our open—heart group dynamic. A safe space for our shared humanity to be met, seen, and attended to with passion and playfulness for collective change.  

• Yoga stretches, dance, dynamic movement & time in nature. Delicious diet-friendly meals.

• We work with different master plant teachers depending on the jurisdiction of the location. Entheogenic plants are used in South America unless permitted. Contact us for clarification!

“Your gifts are many. I am full of gratitude that you answered the call of the plants to bring this sacred gift to others.

Your guided meditations and gentle healing throughout shone a light on my remembering of this silent fathomless well that lies within.

May I tumble fully! You are a true mirror, Prajna. Deep bows.”

Julie, Retreat Participant


“This work is quite simply all the world needs to heal itself.” Dan Conway

We welcome you through a confidential application process, attend to you throughout retreat and offer comprehensive integration for long lasting transformation.

“Little by little we learn, as curanderos, that we don’t learn more. We learn that we know nothing. And from a space of nothingness, true healing can occur.”

Ernesto Garcia Torres, Master Tobaquero


Meet the Indigenous Healers and Master Plant Teachers that have guided Prajna’s curative work and facilitated her initiations in the dimensions of Sacred Plant Medicine.

Ernesto Garcia Torres

A master tabaquero with 40 years of experience.

Learn More


Maestro Ernesto Torres is from the Tigre River and a long lineage of Curanderos. He is a world-renowned Peruvian Mestizo Tobaquero Ascended Master. Ernesto is dedicated to healing by facilitating connection to the spirit of mother earth and the plants through dieta, especially with tobacco.


Ernesto has blessed Prajna with the preparation and protection necessary to bring plant medicine to others. He told her, “many people will come to you. You are very ready.”


Ernesto is a guide in this world. He has many students, mostly foreigners from different parts of the world. He emphasizes the necessary preparation through plant dietas, as well as healing with tobacco to offer plant medicine to others. “These dietas need to be given by a master who understands. A person needs to be very careful. The field of healing medicine is very good. But if there is not proper preparation, they won’t be able to manage well.

We as Peruvians ancestrally and traditionally have many natural medicines. They have been used only by people who know the plants as well as their preparation and dosages. These are our roots. Apart from being curanderos in the spiritual world [my students] are the cosmic connection that helps the world, the earth… Each one carries this medicine as an energetic light in this earthly world and when they go back to their countries, they bring with them a spiritual light, which will help their family, many other people, and the earth.”


Prajna completed a full course of plant and tree dietas with Ernesto in 2021. He has blessed her to serve as a Curandera. She continues to mentor with him.


Sulmira Vela

A curandera with over 25 years of experience.

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Sulmira began her Curandera training when she was 19 with her father. He served her first cup of Ayahuasca and she immediately began dieting plants. She lived one whole year of “pure medicine lifestyle” dedicating herself completely to the ways of the plant medicines.


Maestra Sulmira comes from a long lineage of Shipibo healers, learning directly from her father. After dieting for one year with her father, Maestra Sulmira began working alongside him as a Curandera. The father and daughter healing team spent six months working together in Lima.


Maestra Sulmira continued deepening her healing practice in years to come and has since lead many through their healing process. She is now in her forties with over twenty years of experience as a Curandera with Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants.


Prajna began working with Sulmira in 2012 and has been learning from her ever since.  She has a beautiful gentle healing presence, powerful ikaros, and offers careful attention throughout retreats. Her flower baths are an invigorating cleanse.


Sulmira is a powerful female guide for many. Thank you.


Jorge Lopez Pinedo

A master curandero that heals at the highest level.

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Jorge was born in the village of Dos Unidos de Pachiteya Rio, eight hours by boat from Pucallpa, Peru. He worked with Ayahuasca for his first time with his friend, Maestro Benino, when he was 29 years old. It was a one-time experience and he moved on with his life after this.

He later found himself very sick and in the hospital for 3 years. During this time, in 1989, Maestro Jorge began working again with Ayahuasca under Maestro Guillermo Arevalo Valero. Maestro Guillermo became Jorge’s Maestro with whom he dieted and apprenticed under for 9 years, living a life dedicated to learning the ways of Shipibo healing techniques from the plants.

Maestro Jorge worked for 21 years as a Shipibo curandero out of his home, where he was living with his family.  In 2012, he went to Temple of the Way of Light where he worked for 3.5 years as one of their head Maestros.

Maestro Jorge is known as a Master. He has shared his healing tradition with thousands of people. He has dieted many plants and trees, giving him a luminous and powerful connection to the plant world.

Prajna began mentoring with Jorge in 2012 and continues to receive his strong guidance and blessings.


“Life-changing. Enormous relief. Like coming home.” Sarah G.


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