“Healing Cauldron,” an intimate conversation with Agata Krajewska & Prajna O’Hara.

Agata is originally from Poland. She was raised in a wild area with a history of war and ensuing trauma. She ran away to the UK from what felt like a barren land and went through a dark period of feeling lost where, at age 20, she contemplated suicide. During this dark time, she saw something in her eyes that was not touched by what she had experiences. This awakening freed her from suicidal thoughts and drug abuse and carried her on a journey to England.

Agata & Prajna speak about ancestral trauma, the consequences of trauma, and the history of patriarchy. They discuss the limitations of non-dual spirituality and how it can lead to by-passing humanness. They explore the split between feminine and masculine and the opportunity for relating to serve as a healing cauldron for the aspects of who we are that are ready to heal and integrate into a greater source of love. The conversation moves from the development of Agata’s calling to attend to the heart and soul, being fully human, witch burnings, and the amount of terror that women feel when it is time to speak their truth.

The conversation closes with a section on the power of giving. Agata speaks about being the gift and the redemptive quality within all experience when it is met with presence and love: “Giving ourselves permission… to see ourselves where we haven’t been seen... [to nurture] the seed of love in all of us.”

Listen to the full conversation HERE

In her Awakening Theatre work held in a womb circle, Agata, allows the participants to be seen, heard and witnessed in love and care. Agata shows how deep healing unfolds: women access their feminine wisdom and speak their hearts and many gifts are found through this open theatrical process. She also works with her partner Phil to support men to be held, witnessed and healed in presence. She has a deep respect for the power of mothering and feels herself as a seed of love that is birthing and mothering in a different way through listening to her feminine heart.

Who is Prajna O’Hara? Prajna is a seasoned navigator of dark nights as deep initiations into our most human fabric of existence, the womb. She has four decades of mystical reflection within wisdom healing modalities that are body-heart-womb centered and deeply feminine. She holds a MA in Transpersonal Psychology, is a Hakomi Therapist, Trauma-Informed Guide in Non-dual Wisdom & Indigenous Medicine Traditions, Mother of three and the best selling author of Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love. Prajna has a unique style of facilitating that unearths/unleashes our deeply human experience to be held in the fertile ground of the womb. Prajna is known for practical pointers relevant to ordinary life, her humor and growing capacity to foster robust and resilient environments for true connection and authenticity.