In this Conversation with Tamar bat Yehudit, we unpack her spiritual journey as a young mother in a difficult orthodox marriage and the stress this created in her body. Tamar followed an inner impulse to leave her family in order to honor the innate wisdom in her body and return better equipped. She found healing, sustenance and power in the fertile ground of the earth womb and female guides. The womb of mother earth rekindled her organic, natural and compassionate capacity to heal and cherish her natural relationship to her body, life as a mother and autonomy on her path.

Tamar felt a natural freedom of wonder, bliss and curiosity in her body up until age 8 or 9 when she increasingly encountered the restrictions of religion. In a festive ritual of dancing with the sacred Torah scrolls rather than experiencing a “protection and celebration of what is precious,” she felt danger and shame, and began to doubt and disconnect from the precious joy in her body.

She struggled for many years with depression, suicidal thoughts and confusion that disconnected her from her body’s guidance. She did not know where she fit in. At age 17 she left South Africa and moved to Israel. A few months later, she dated and married her husband and moved into an insular ultra-orthodox Jewish community. Pregnant at age 19, she connected deeply to the growing life in her body. She encountered many treasures through meeting a birthing teacher and giving birth.

At the age of 28, her menstruation stopped. Depletion from a challenging marriage and exhaustion from the loss of her fertile body led to her journey towards healing and liberation. She met a new female teacher and underwent a spiritual awakening that taught her how to restore trust in herself by learning “to be on her own side and to transform from the inside out.” This awakening and learning empowered her to reclaim motherhood in a new way and create a life in alignment with the wisdom inherent in her body: a deep authentic knowing.

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Tamar bat Yehudit is a mother who is dedicated to honoring how spiritual awakening unfolds naturally in the life of parenting her three children through honoring her body and the female cycles of fertility. She has a passion for listening deeply in her body and to nature for guidance on how to live an organic embodied life from the fertile ground of her womb and the earth. Tamar shares her passion for creating circles of sisterhood that foster a natural organic connection to the wisdom of the womb.