*Title image credit to Anita Hübsch.

“In and Down” is an intimate conversation with Prajna and her guest Claudia Neubert. At the time of this conversation, Claudia is in the final stage of pregnancy with her fourth child. They discuss how her connection to her body, her womb, and the natural process of birthing progressed as she came in and down to the innate wisdom in her body. “COME IN AND DOWN.”

These were the words that changed everything for Claudia. It was her first meeting and meditation with Prajna. Suddenly it hit her: “Damn, I haven’t been IN and DOWN for many years.” The spiritual concept that she had until that moment was that it is all about going up and out.

Claudia nursing two of her children, 2020.

The changes that happened from then on were huge. Claudia left the more male oriented spiritual path, had a much greater YES to her life as a mother and a woman, and started to develop a real relationship with the earth and her body. She realizes it is all about honoring life, the great SHE, the earth without getting lost. For her, Prajna embodies movement and stillness, form and nothingness at the same time. As a teacher, sister, and friend she loves her as a guide of love and truth.

Listen to the full conversation HERE.

Pepe Ferdinand Neubert was born on the Solstice Dec 21, 2020.

Claudia is interested in self-determined birthing, healing her womb space through each pregnancy and getting in touch with her internal wisdom. She believes in being a mother as a way of grounding and living in her spirituality and family life as a form of retreat. To understand her own awakening, she looks to female guides and teachers who are mothers. She offers women’s circles, connecting with the wisdom of the earth through our female bodies, focusing on feeling rather than thinking.