Apr 24 2024

TimeSanta Cruz

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm



Attune to the Call to Retreat — A Well of Rest and Wonder

You are Invited to Circle with Prajna — Attune to the Call to work with the Spirits of the Plants — for deep healing and transformation

Join Us in a Well of Rest and Wonder

Register for a free open session on Zoom. Are you curious about retreats with Prajna?

Join us to Attune, Rest, and Wonder what unfolds on retreat and how you will benefit. Bring your questions. Everything is welcome.

Wednesday, April 24:  1:00 to 2:15 PM PST. Please check your timetable.

You will learn about Prajna’s container, the plant spirits she is qualified to work with, the healing properties each plant carries, her mentors, and the dynamic yet restful aspects of her retreats. Ask questions and meet some of the retreat team members.

Prajna will offer an overview of the deep soul work that unfolds before, during, and after a retreat for you to answer this important question:

Is A Life-Giving Plant Medicine Retreat with Prajna and her team the next step on my journey to reclaiming who I am and embracing the gifts of my soul and innate wholeness?

It is not a mistake that you landed on this page and feel called to retreat.

Retreat dates are here.

What participants report: 

“Prajna’s skill and intuitive wisdom of the plants guided me to break through a block I have suffered from for years. I experienced healing deeper than before. I’m renewed with clarity and strength to stand in my power. Immense gratitude for her capacity to support us to deep connection and inner peace.”

— Tara Castleberry

“Depth, love, courage, vulnerability.”

“I am my best friend!”

“Blessed to work with Prajna. I feel so safe and able to meet myself.”

“Unwinding. Grateful. Exhausted. Ready.”

“Every part was special, my heart is so full.”

“Transforming process in myself,

So much love—power—softness—healing.”

“Most beneficial ceremonies, challenges, deep healing


“Getting into my feet and not dimming my light to fit it.”

“Liquid love bringing clarity and grounding.”

“Prajna’s holding, gratitude, calm, happy…”

“Precious — Magical.”

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Everyone is welcome.

Learn more about Prajna’s in-depth training and her mentors here. Prajna has extensive training in the lineage of the renowned Tobaquero Ernesto Garcia and Sulmira and Jorge (Shipibo Healers).

We promise that the container of the retreat is held with exceptional skill and tenderness, such that your life will be fortified with curative care and deep meaning.

Above photo of Prajna with Maestras Celestina and Sulmira, Doctoras in the Shipibo tradition and mentors of Prajna since 2015. Photo below is Prajna with Maestro Jorge Lopez Pinedo who guided her through several important initiations to carry this healing work forward. Prajna assisted Jorge, Sulmira, and their family in building a retreat center and brought groups to them for seven years to learn, heal, and grow in sacred reciprocity. 

Learn more about Prajna’s extensive training here.


Prajna was recently re-initiated by Sil Reynolds into the lineage of the renowned Jungian Analyst Marian Woodman, a colleague of the late Eunice Zimmerman (her first soul guide and therapist).  Similar to the altered states of consciousness entered on retreat, we form bridges to access unconscious material — the subtle body — through dream work, art, song, dance, laughter, rituals of land tending, and our conscious container. This work aligns beautifully and strengthens the deep soul work, transformation, and repair that unfolds on retreats.

“If we could slow down the pace of our meetings to the pace of our hearts, we might find genuine understanding.”

– Marion Woodman

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Wednesday, March 13 at 10 AM PST Free session on Zoom.

“Prajna has my full trust. I have never felt safer. She creates a sacred space to dive deep into our humanity with joy to clear unconscious material. Her limpias (healings) are like nothing I’ve experienced with other guides. I emerge with more clarity, safely grounded in this body.”

— Ariana Wohlstatta


Please download this event and share it with friends who feel called to deep soul work and tender self-care.

Historically these retreats fill quickly. The dates are here.

Thank you! We look forward to having you with us.


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