In all of my life there is nothing more powerful than joining the intelligence of plants in nature for healing, invigorating life force & informing our purpose.

Resolving harmful imprints in the body reveals unconscious patterns of suffering, reactivity, disconnection, and separation. Making the unconscious conscious recharges our natural cycles and nourishes our soul.

 The indigenous wisdom of our elders is vital for our collective healing …


 Tobacco is our primary plant teacher & guides our work

Tobacco is Mother Earth’s first born, the most revered plant in the entire jungle for its power to teach, cure, communicate and protect. It is said that tobacco is the grandfather plant from which all the other plants sprung forth and receive direction. Tobacco helps invoke the power of other plant medicines. It is food for their spirits.

You may be thinking, “isn’t tobacco harmful?”

Unfortunately, tobacco is the most misused and misunderstood plant on the planet. In America and other industrialized countries throughout the world, tobacco is connected to a series of serious physiological problems. Wild tobacco, nicotina rustica of the Amazon, is a revered healing plant and regarded as sacred by tribes throughout the jungle. The way sacred tobacco is used has nothing in common with the Americanized processed tobacco of commercial cigarettes. In this way, tobacco heals rather than harms. 

Sacred tobacco can be taken in different ways, as smoke, powder, or tea. The smoke is used as a way to clear energy; both of a space and a person and to offer protection. We use tobacco as a curative tea.

Tobacco Ceremony

is a sacred ritual for powerful healing on mental, emotional, physical and sexual levels.

Tobacco is a wise teacher, strong purgative, and at times difficult to endure. Upon completion, you are left feeling grounded, clear, connected to nature, with many new insights about yourself and how to engage with life.

It’s important to have ceremony with a Tobaquero who is trained to work with tobacco properly otherwise the effects may be harmful. 

These ceremonies have limited space and require registration. Please check our events calendar or send us a contact request for additional information.

For Initiates

Prajna offers Mapacho ceremonies online for participants that have received tobacco initiation with her on retreat. These ceremonies are an ideal way to continue your healing journey and deepen your relationship with this master plant teacher.

These ceremonies have limited space and require registration. Please check our events calendar or send us a contact request for additional information.

Plant Dietas

Traditionally, dieta (diet) is the process of learning from one specific plant for an extended period of time in seclusion under the guidance of an established Tobaquera. There are multiple plants within an apprenticeship program. Tobacco is an initiatory diet that serves as the foundation for traditional training in most indigenous traditions.

Many people diet with master plant teachers for the profound health, healing and wisdom they provide.

Prajna offers a private or small group eight-day day tobacco diet upon request. Please send a contact request for more information, application and availability.

What are the Benefits of Tobacco?

  • Purges and cleanses the intestines, blood and other parts of the body. Is the foundation for learning from plants.
  • Clears emotional, mental, physical and sexual energies.
  • Opens, heals, and resolves early life experiences.
  • Restores strength and clarifies perspective and direction.
  • Teaches through visions and messages in the dream state.
  • Grounds you in your body to meet challenge and beauty.

“Prajna’s skill and intuitive wisdom of the plants guided me to break through a block I have suffered from for years. I experienced healing deeper than before. I’m renewed with clarity and strength to stand in my power. Immense gratitude for her capacity to support us to deep connection and inner peace.”
Tara Castleberry

“Prajna has my full trust. I have never felt safer. She creates a sacred space to dive deep into our humanness with joy to clear unconscious material. Her limpias (healings) are like nothing I’ve experienced with other guides. I emerge with more clarity, safely grounded in this body.”
Ariana Wohlstatta

Meet Our Indigenous Healers and Guides

The teachers who have facilitated my initiations and guide my work.
I am honored to work with them.

Maestro Ernesto Garcia

is a world-renowned Peruvian Mestizo Tobaquero from the Tigre River and a long lineage of Curanderos. Ernesto is dedicated to healing by facilitating connection to the spirit of mother earth and plants through plant dietas with tobacco as the foundation for learning. He has blessed Prajna with the preparation and protection necessary to bring plant medicine to others. He told her, “many people will come to you. You are very ready.” 

Ernesto speaks as a guide in this world. “We as Peruvians ancestrally and traditionally have many natural medicines. They have been used only by people who know the plants as well as their preparation and dosages. These are our roots. As curanderos, my students carry this medicine as an energetic healing force for many people and the earth.”

Maestra Sulmira

A curandera with over 25 years of experience.

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Sulmira began her medicine apprenticeship with her father when she was 19. He served her first cup of Ayahuasca and she immediately began dieting plants. She lived one whole year of “pure medicine lifestyle” dedicating herself completely to the ways of the plant medicines.

Maestra comes from a family of Shipibo healers and, in addition to teaching her, her father passed his knowledge to her and her siblings. After dieting for one year with her father, Maestra Sulmira began working alongside him as a Curandera. The father and daughter healing team spent six months working together in Lima. Then continued working together in the jungle.

Maestra Sulmira continued deepening her healing practice in years to come and has since lead many through their healing process. She is now in her forties with over twenty years of experience as a Curandera with ayahuasca and other medicinal plants.

Sulmira teaches through example. She impressed most upon me the necessary focus and careful attention given to participants during ceremony, as well as flower healing baths. She has a beautiful gentle healing presence, great sense of humor and offers powerful ikaros.

Maestro Jorge

A master curandero that heals at the highest level.

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Jorge was born in the village of Dos Unidos de Pachiteya Rio, eight hours by boat from Pucallpa, Peru. He worked with ayahuasca for his first time with his friend, Maestro Benino, when he was 29 years old. It was a one-time experience and he moved on with his life after this.

He later found himself very sick and in the hospital for 3 years. During this time, in 1989, Maestro Jorge began working again with ayahuasca under Maestro Guillermo Arevalo Valero. Maestro Guillermo became Jorge’s Maestro with whom he dieted and apprenticed under for 9 years, living a life dedicated to learning the ways of Shipibo healing techniques from the plants.

Maestro Jorge worked for 21 years as a Shipibo curandero out of his home, where he was living with his family. In 2012, he went to Temple of the Way of Light where he worked for 3.5 years as one of their head Maestros.

Maestro Jorge is known as a Master. I met him in his first year at the Temple. He has my full trust. He has shared his healing tradition with thousands of people and dieted many plants and trees, giving him a luminous and powerful connection to the plant world.


Navigating the dark dimensions of training with Ayahuasca

Maestra Sulmira and Maestro Jorge carry generations of plant wisdom and facilitate profound healing through an Ayahuasca ceremony and specific plant dietas.

Learn more about working with plants or apprenticeship with a qualified medicine person by downloading my FREE ebook on these pages.

I have been working with Jorge and Sulmira since 2012. I began as a participant at The Temple of the Way of Light, in Peru. During that time, I began a brutal and beautiful initiation. Jorge and Sulmira described this as  Life/Death/Life cycle that each apprentice undergoes to grow in humility, heal and connect to the intelligence of the plants and the lineage. In order to support others’ healing — we must heal ourselves and continue to develop the capacities and protection of a competent healer.


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Learning to navigate the profound dimensions that open up in an Ayahuasca ceremony is extraordinary and often frightening. Facilitation requires safety, skill, and preparation for the participants. There are many aspects of compassionate care to attend to so you can relax and receive healing and wisdom from this master plant teacher. Jorge offers guidance like a kind, caring, and protective grandfather. I always feel absolutely safe in his care. I refer to ayahuasca as an all-loving dark mother of the jungle. She teaches us to see in the dark and meet the places that held us in fear. She opens doors within our psychic to see, meet and resolve wounds, and trauma.


Jorge and Sulmira founded Jakon Nete, a Shipibo Healing Center. I was called to sacred reciprocity by supporting their work and tradition. I helped create their retreat center and brought groups to them since its inception. I feel blessed to assist in any way I can so others can learn not only from Jorge and Sulmira but their entire lineage.


After working closely with them for some time, in the midst of a ceremony Jorge gave me a powerful ikaro (song) for protection, covered me with smoke, handed me a fired-up mapacho, and said “estas lista,” you are ready.


He invited me to work at his side throughout many ceremonies over the next few years. He asked me to work directly with the participants. I felt hesitant even though I felt a strong connection to him and this powerful plant, but I didn’t receive the songs in the Shipibo language. He told me, “Whatever they bring to you, is the Ikaros. Trust.”


I feel like a beginner and look forward to continued growth in my capacity. No matter where I am working, my maestros are always with me. I feel very honored to learn and receive guidance and protection from the plant world through their guidance and dietas.


Note: this information is not personal instruction for the reader. Please do your own research and make wise decisions on your journey.



Indigenous Plant Medicine has come to us for a reason… 

Note: Ayahuasca and Huachuma plant healing retreats take place in South America. Contact us for the dates. Many research studies are underway that show the profound mental, psychological, and health benefits of plant medicine.  This information is not intended for personal use. You are required to do your research and consult with a trained professional for responsible use.

The intelligence inherent in plants show us how to heal all our relations with Earth Mother

As a species, we have never been more in need of redirection and reconnection. Indigenous plant medicine is here for many reasons.

Western medicine and spiritual awakening have not been successful at addressing early wounding and painful conditions such as anxiety, trauma, addiction, depression, P.T.S.D., and inherited ancestral pain that are endemic in modern society and significantly impact all our relationships.

Indigenous curanderos (doctors) refer to this as “soul sickness,” and for thousands of years have employed plant medicine to catalyze healing in both physical and spiritual dimensions.

Medicine vocations, like mysticism, are a sacred calling born from the deepest love and care. It is the hidden medicine our ancestors practiced that has since been atrociously suppressed and replaced by hierarchical, materialistic, and patriarchal-dominated allopathic medicine. It is time to wake up, listen, and mend our souls, our soils, our trespasses, our inequalities with all beings that inhabit the earth.

Sacred plant medicine is here to facilitate connection and deep healing on many levels: physical, interpersonal, psychic, spiritual, and collective.

Western culture is slowly acknowledging the immense capacity of entheogenic plant medicine for healing diverse psychological issues and physical ailments, as well as opening our spiritual connection to all beings.


A powerful teacher and healer that helps you resolve trauma, arrive at forgiveness and restore a loving relationship with yourself, life and all beings.

Additional Benefits

Ayahuasca contains DMT, a naturally occurring compound in the body that is reportedly beneficial in treating PTSD, addiction, depression, loss, and in igniting profound experiences for personal and spiritual growth. Participants report: energetic cleansing, emotional, mental and physical healings, and enhanced connection to themselves, the world and all of life.

Ayahuasca will give you an opportunity to meet your fears, and review and reconcile your life. She empowers us to take full accountability for every aspect of our lives. The disowned and unexamined parts are brought into awareness for acknowledgement, transformation and integration. Ayahuasca opens a portal of discovery that is never ending. She invites you to discover more fully who you are, and empowers you to live an authentic life — your dharma on purpose.

This information is not intended for personal use. Contact us to locate professional healers that work with Ayahuasca.

San Pedro —Huachuma

A loving teacher that opens your heart and senses to feel, hear and perceive in profound ways. Emotional blocks clear. Gratitude is deeply felt.

Additional Benefits

San Pedro is a psychotropic cactus. It contains several psychoactive alkaloids, the primary being mescaline and has several medicinal and psychotherapeutic uses. Users of San Pedro report “miracle cures” to a wide variety of illnesses including addiction, cancer, paralysis, and diabetes.

The cactus is also used to treat psychological and emotional issues such as grief and depression. In a healing experience, the mind is often in the way of the heart’s wisdom. San Pedro goes straight to the heart. The mind’s defenses and resistances are softened. I have witnessed many beautiful heart openings to love that head-centered people never imagined were possible.

Entheogenic cacti have been utilized in sacred initiation and community healing by diverse religious and cultural traditions for millennia and continue to be used as religious sacraments in modem times. A ceremony is often an earth-based ritual that can be six to ten hours. Participants also report visions and visits from ancestors and spirit guides.

This information is not intended for personal use. Contact us to locate professional healers that work with San Pedro Cactus.


What is it and why is it important?

As you return to your life after a journey with sacred tobacco, ayahuasca, san pedro cactus, or other entheogenic plant medicine, the experience will continue to unfold in a variety of ways. A great deal of inner healing happens in responsibly held ceremonies. Careful follow up supports an easeful transition. 

In order to bring the depth of healing, teaching and insights forward for lasting change, support is often needed. The “real work” begins when you return home. In a similar way, true meditation begins when you get up off your meditation cushion and engage with life. This is where we learn to integrate what we have received. A powerful connections and emotional maturation may blossom.

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Integration involves creating spaciousness in your life for continued wellness. Energies that have been out of balance come into greater harmony. Integration grounds us in gratitude. Challenges are seen as initiations that teach, empower and inspire your gifts.

Learn much more and receive a free copy of Prajna’s ebook on this page, An Essential Guide to Plant Medicine.

Research has shown that our brains stick to negative memories like velcro. Ayahuasca and tobacco, are deeply cleansing purgatives. When traumatic experiences, memories, toxic shame, and mental/emotional blocks are cleansed from our system; space and support allow us to evolve. Conflicting patterns of relating, and consuming will resolve and eventually transmute or fall away. This complex process requires compassionate attention and support, as you return to aspects of life that are inherently difficult, for example, parenting, homeschooling, intimate relationships, employment, changes in family dynamics, illness, disability, death, basically all aspects of being human magnified by a global crisis.

There are a variety of daily practices that can support and empower you to sustain the changes created by working with plant doctors. These include meditation, prayer, journaling, inquiry, a healthy diet, movement, dance, yoga, gardening, and time in nature. An internal practice of kindness and compassion will naturally extend to your exterior life. We begin with ourselves.

Traversing unfamiliar landscapes can be very exciting, especially after your perception of reality has shifted. It is important to go slow, pause, take in the vistas, and don’t hesitate to ask for a map from an experienced traveler. Allow yourself to let go of what doesn’t serve your greatest good. Keeping good company is essential; choosing who you want to surround yourself with. You are walking a path that will fine-tune your discernment to take full responsibility for choices in life. You are empowered to remain soft and open with a sturdy back that is rooted in your deep connection to the plants — Mother Earth.

All of us have layers of conditioned cultural and systemic patterns to unearth. Remember the history of collective trauma did not happen overnight. 

Many people express that one Ayahuasca retreat can feel like ten years of therapy. When Ayahuasca is taken responsibly in a safe container, the life-enhancing gifts are tremendous. Ayahuasca is a powerful and benevolent teacher and once you open to her genius, she will not forsake you. Her spirit will continue to accompany you through your integration process as you remain open and listen to her wisdom.

Prajna offers integration sessions. Contact us or book a session below.


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