Jun 23 2023 - Jun 24 2023


4:00 pm - 3:00 pm



Sacred Ceremony—Intimate Healing & Connection Enlivened

Sacred Ceremony—Intimate Healing & Connection Enlivened by Invitation. Please inquire to see if this event is appropriate for you.

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Dates: Arrival: Friday, June 23, 3 to 5 PM. Departure: Saturday, June 24: 2 to 4 PM (unless arrangements are made for an additional evening).

Application and a 50% deposit are required to hold your space. Please see our payment terms and conditions.

Complete the required application. Space limited. If you have attended a prior retreat, please update your answers via email. Throughout our application process, you will receive information about diet preparation, accommodation, and our terms and conditions. If you do not hear from us within three days, assume your application is accepted. Link to our cancellation policy.

We’re happy to answer your questions. Please send us a contact request to speak on Signal.

The highlights of the retreat were all the opportunities and invitations to trust and be trusted, to see each other and be seen. Overall there aren’t words capable of describing Prajna’s retreats, only the immense felt safety and trusted holding to fully give yourself to your inner work. ~ Nigel 

This was my second retreat with Prajna. It was magic! I was crying a lot and laughing too. All in silence! I feel that Prajna’s power of healing is increasing. She connects perfectly with the innermost structure of everybody. She knows what is best to progress on your own path and become more human. I feel that I progressed light years on my way to full human development. ~ R.C.

“The plants and connection with my body allowed me to process unresolved traumas and emotions — to see, feel, and honor the learning they bring.” Carolina

“Retreats are a direct way to heal and learn from Mother Earth. And I absolutely love Prajna’s humor.” ~ Lena R.


Participants report:

The highlight of the retreat for me was, well, all of it. It all moved in a natural arc of exploration, a flow of happenings and it is hard not to see it as a whole! 

However, grandfather wachuma gave me a very real sense of community, connection, and intimacy. Also, I loved the noble silence and renewed capacity to not dampen myself down. I feel rooted and present. ~ Stephanie


The retreat flowed together so well. Receiving a limpia, meeting plants more deeply, and the beautiful intimate moments in nature and being made love to by tobacco. The contextual meditations held by Prajna, the modeling of power she holds. I’m leaving the retreat with a beautiful intimacy with myself, nature, and the potentiality of human community (and other than human). My being and my vision feel kindly and powerful tended. ~ Emma Sampson


The highlight of my retreat was without a doubt the limpia. They are the most real experiences I feel I’ve had in my life. Such a privilege to witness and be a part of. A true blessing. I rose up and found a strength inside me that felt so strong which I will hold onto. ~ Guy


Residential Retreat Tuition: $250 per night including accommodation. Please bring a contribution to our meals.

Directions to our site will be provided once your registration is received.

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