You, like me, have moments, days, even years of clarity — a good notion of what you’re supposed to be doing with your life — something I often frame as ‘a calling,’ and you’ve been lucky or graced enough to have been supported in a myriad of mysterious ways to heed your calling. Wonderful. Now let’s say that your soul has the imprint of a certain ‘mine-to-do-ness,’ you find yourself with one foot in the ethereal world of your calling and the other in the more recognizable minutia of the day-to-day business of life: a collection of indescribable tasks that are often invisible to others, the tending/care of that which only you can do — as this is what allows you and significant others to exist. It’s been two weeks since I returned from the enchanting healing waters of the transformational power of retreat and book events in New England. Spaces of clarity, healing, ease, excitement, connection, and belonging with both feet rooted in the substance of ‘calling.’ A satisfying brew of witnessing others mend, reclaim, rejoice, and bask in meaning. Back home — the nitty gritty waits at the door like a puppy who can’t get enough of licking your face. The details, memory, and flow of elegance and confidence leak into the distance like a suitcase of precious belongings that didn’t make it through baggage claim. Worry and impatience easily emerge to center stage. What about time for this and that? Soon you feel stuck. Off your game. Devoured — wondering if you were ever called in the first place. What am I doing? My mantra for going from stuck to clarity to expansion is the hard medicine of trust — your soul knows your ‘calling’ in an unforgettable — undeniable way. Are you willing to be without measurements, without a timeline, without moments of clarity? Let yourself feel stuck in your body. Not what you have to say about why you think you are stuck. But what do you feel? Feel the sensations from skin to bone: cold, hot, tight, achy, heavy, sweaty, light, tired, dizzy… — feel all without making any part wrong. Yes. You can feel all of it. You are being honest with yourself. This is a gift to you. Your soul aching to get through — to be heard by you. Whatever timeline you put yourself on for the great ‘mine-to-do’ let it relax, let yourself slow down, put your feet up, gaze into the night sky. So often a need to go fast and be there already is the very thing that prevents us from receiving the gifts and learning that await us — grow us at every turn, with every step we take — when we breathe… The willingness to go slow, to rest along the way, gives our nervous systems space to regulate and receive new information, to process and integrate the many steps we have already taken, to savor the mixed cocktail of life. With rest comes an attunement to the depth of our calling — our soul — an expansion of listening to voices from the well within that are not heard when we are moving fast or only listening with our physical ears. We can listen from our embodied core self. Our soul knows and speaks to us in stillness, in rest, in our dreams — in listening, in receiving — an even greater vision for ‘mine-to-do’ is clarified and expands our reach as we never go it alone. Grace allows us to ask the best questions or for help from resonant places to continue our good work on track — boots on the ground, rested and ready. It doesn’t happen all at once. We walk through one door at a time, unwrap one gift at a time, and polish one jewel at a time. ‘Calling’ is not an exact science, it’s messy. We learn to meet our edges, comfort ourselves without measure, and stay in our lane without confusion. Life is short and there is always enough time.   It’s a beautiful paradox that I will be opening for exploration in my next online Feminine Soul Circle series. Reserve your space here. Details TBA.