Oct 23 2020 - Oct 25 2020


All Day



Wisdom Healing Meditation Retreat

This residential weekend retreat is an opportunity to dive deep into the heart. Healing will naturally happen within and all around the heart both personally and collectively. Rest and receive deep nourishment. Application required. (Limited spaces)

Arrival: Friday October 23, 4:00 for a 5PM start.

Departure: Sunday October 25, 1:00 PM after our closing circle.

We will be working with our foundation master plant teacher tobacco through a deep inner process of exploration, letting go and grounding in the body. This plant is soft and subtle in its nature yet powerful in its capacity to heal matters of the heart. We will traverse the delicate terrain of trauma, suppressed emotional content and completing important missed experience.  As we enter an altered state of awareness through meditative holotropic breathing practices mental, emotional or psychic material are available for healing or transmutation.

All of our retreats include ample time for guided meditation, silent reflection, ceremonial music and time in nature. Learn more here.

This master plant healer and teacher has powerful healing benefits:

• A loving teacher that opens our mind, heart and senses to feel, hear and perceive in profound ways.

• Mental/emotional clearing and grounding. Clarity is received.

• Blocks are dismantled. Provides insight into who you are, the nature of life and connection to Mother Earth.

• Treats psychological and emotional issues such as grief, depression and addictive behaviors.

• Teaches on many levels. Many report visits from guides, ancestors and others to harmonize relationships.

• Beautiful heart openings to love that many head centered people never imagined were possible.

• Empowered heart guidance to move forward with the movement of your soul purpose.

Prajna has my full trust. I have never felt safer. She creates a sacred space to dive deep into our humanness with light & joy to clear heavy unconscious material. Her guided ceremonies have had a huge impact on my healing and growth. Her limpias (healings) are like nothing I’ve experienced with other guides. I emerge with more clarity, safely grounded in this body. ~Ariana Wohlstatta

Retreat fee for Friday to Sunday is $400.
This not does include accommodation: $50 for camping. Each participant will be asked to contribute to a Saturday shared meal, snacks, and Sunday breakfast. 

The Basic Guidelines: Tobacco ceremony requires a super clean 7 day pre and post diet to receive the full benefit and maintain a body of safety.

Diet: Organically wholesome with lots of vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts and seeds. No dairy, processed foods, spicy, salt, alcohol, recreational and prescribed drugs, sex, meat, violence (news), overly stimulating. 2 weeks is better. A week is absolutely required. Please no citrus, banana, avocado, tomato or salt for three days before we meet. Read this blog on diet preparation. Check with us if you have questions.

• Eat lightly on Friday. Please stop eating after 1 PM (all fruits and veggies excluding citrus, banana, tomato, avocado are fine).

• Prepare, listen for your intention: What is in the way of you fully expressing yourself? How can this plant support your heart at this time, what do you need?

• Bring a journal, colored pencils or pens, and something for our altar if you like.

• Come well hydrated. Water bottle. Drink all day, have at least 2 liters prior to attending.

WE BEGIN FRIDAY AT 5 PM PST: Welcome, orientation, deep meditation.

SATURDAY:  Light breakfast. A full day “letting go ceremony” and close with a shared meal and circle.

SUNDAY: Breakfast, meditation, integration, post-retreat guidance, and will end with a crossing over ceremony.

We invite you to make a contribution to our shared meal. This will be handled after registration with covid and diet friendliness in mind.

We are looking forward to pausing, connecting, listening, praying, sharing and honoring our earth mother and all her relations.

“The Way is perfect, as vast space is perfect, where nothing is lacking and nothing is in access.” – Seng – Ts’an


Covid 19 Pre-cautions are in place:  Please take a Covid19 test one week before this event to insure you are well. Practice Covid19 guidelines up to this event. Do not attend if you have symptoms of illness, have been exposed to anyone with the virus. Let us know of any change in your attendance ASAP. All participants need to sign a release of liability upon arrival noting that you are fully accountable to yourself and the group to participate in this event responsibly. Please read our retreat guidelines here. Thank you!


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