Dec 21 2022


10:30 am - 12:30 pm



Winter Solstice Circle — Going Within

Winter Solstice Circle — Going Within

Join us at this very special time when the dark triumphs over the light, signifying change! A sacred time of rest and reflection, going inside, before the awakening and the slow build toward brighter days.

We will drop deep inside to consciously link our awareness to the cycles of nature, learn, and understand more about the growth that can happen in the dark underground.

Feel nourished in fruitful darkness and silence out of which our soul’s yearnings and new inspirations can eventually emerge.

The light of the Sun begins a new solar cycle at Winter Solstice, aka Hibernal Solstice. The rays shine into the dark and nurture the newborn life there to be cultivated. And this is mirrored in nature, as the seeds are buried in the darkness of the Earth, to emerge once again with the life-giving rays of the Sun.

Hibernation to Liberation.

At this time in the Northern Hemisphere, we are experiencing the longest and darkest nights of the year and the shortest days with the least amount of daylight.

In winter everything lies dormant in the silent earth.

Why do we spend so much time suppressing and hiding our darkness?  We learned this and we can learn to titrate darker emotions. We can feel them and allow ourselves to be uncomfortable. Winter provides time and space for us to feel and befriend our shadows.

When we fear our own darkness, we cut ourselves off from an essential source of our own personal power. The key is not in letting darkness overwhelm our lives and our thoughts but in understanding that darkness can be one of the greatest catalysts for personal growth and transformation.

Possibly a doorway to freedom and authentic expression — liberation.

By allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and experience our own darkness, the darkness itself can become the spiritual cradle into which our inner light and new life are born.

Winter Solstice is the great stillness before the Sun’s strength builds, and days grow longer.

Join us at the start of this time to rest, reflect and hibernate.

Prajna will lead this circle with nourishing silent meditation, a discussion on fruitful darkness, and the power of liberation for reflection and to receive rest for new growth. There will be opportunities to share.

Please join our zoom session with your microphone on mute. You will receive the link upon registration.

Donation is sliding scale: $20 to $30.

December 21 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM PST. Please check your timetable to be on time.

Zoom will open at 10:25. Looking forward to leading you through the dark.





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