Mar 10 2022 - Mar 31 2022


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Wild Woman — Wild Soul Course

Have you had enough of shrieking or shrinking, pleasing and perfecting, stepping down rather than stepping up for what is precious in life — for what calls your soul?

Are you ready to UNDO conditioning that does not serve, TRANSMUTE old stories that keep you small, and GENERATE your source connection to Archetypal Feminine Wisdom?

Join us on a four-week journey of Wild Woman — Wild Soul in honor of your Feminine Instinctive Nature—to Rinse, Mend and Integrate Wounded Parts— to Awaken, Reclaim and Re-connect to Ancient Matrilineal Wisdom.

As of March 2, we have one space waiting for you if you are eager to:
• Slow down from a blur of activity — play more.
• Hone in on the power of your gifts — what you are called to do.
• Reclaim your instinctive nature — your wild soul.
• Own your creative life — your value.
• Cultivate practices that protect — cherish what is precious.
• Fall passionately in love with yourself — the foundation for all vital relationships that generate scared reciprocity.

If you have been made to feel small, unable to rise up, chase your dreams, sing your songs, dance your dance, birth your gifts, and create new art or new life—it is time to gather the fragmented parts and breath new life into your bones—it is time for you to bloom and thrive without permission, without apology, without fear.

Registration is now open. If you have any questions please send us a request here. Space is limited to support a safe intimate container for women in the tenderness of unfurling their instinctive wild nature.

To be a wild woman means to live a natural life, one in which you have innate integrity and healthy boundaries. 

Wild Woman Nature is a practice  — a deep knowledge of the soul — that is calling you to herself.

She is utterly essential to women’s mental health and soul health. She is both vehicle and destination.

Join us to discover inside of yourself what is knowable about the feminine instinctual psyche? It does not matter which culture a woman is influenced by, she intuitively understands the words wild and woman. We have a memory that is undeniable and irrevocably attuned to the wild feminine. A relationship that may have been outlawed by outer culture, or not well understood or deprived of care. We may have forgotten her names, we may not answer when she calls, but we know her in our bones. We feel her beneath our feet.

Satiate your longing to know her intimately. She comes through bloodlines, visions, in dreams, in songs, in stories, on landscapes of great beauty. When we know her, we see her everywhere. Join us around the mystic cookfire where we will nourish the force behind our creativity and cultivate true self-love by tasting what is wild within a matrilineal being.

What is aching to express or unleash itself through you? Even the most captured or restrained woman guards the place of the wildish self, for she knows intuitively that someday there will be a loophole, a window, a door, a chance, a call she will answer, and she will hightail it to escape. She will mend, heal, weave, reveal, root, reclaim, restore what was once tethered, misaligned, bound. She will strengthen and celebrate her interior life and learn to resist cultural structures that weaken her. She will practice blooming as a protectress of all that is precious for life-earth-womb-soul-being coherence.

Who is this journey for? Women that are ready to receive and apply good medicine to the wounded parts of the wildish psyche, in order to ripen their relationship to the archetype of the Wild Woman. To uncover the veils of the superficial over culture designed through patriarchal collusion. To rinse, wash and strengthen your roots to transition from bud to bloom.

What is ready to mend, heal, return to wholeness and feel the vitality of your innate goodness and precious gifts?

Some of the symptoms of a disrupted relationship with your wildish innate nature are:  To feel, think or act in any of the following ways: extraordinarily dry; confused, depressed, muzzled, unaroused, frightened, weak. Without inspiration, without soulfulness, without meaning, shame-bearing, fuming, volatile, uncreative, stuck, compressed, dazed over, powerless, doubtful, shaky, blocked. Giving your creative life over to others, work, friendships. Living outside of one’s own cycles. Overprotective, inert, faltering, inability to pace oneself or set limits and healthy boundaries. To be self-conscious, unable to reveal what you know, drawn into domestication, intellectualism, work, or inertia because that is the safest place for one who has lost her instincts.  Fear to set out on a journey, fear to care for another or oneself, fear one will run on, run out, run down. Loss of energy, fear of humiliation, numbness, anxiety. Afraid to bite back when there is nothing else to do, afraid to try, to stand up, to speak up or against. Superiority complex, ambivalence, and yet otherwise fully capable, fully functioning. These severances are not the disease of an era or a century, but become an epidemic anywhere and anytime women are captured, any time your wild nature is trapped. *Paraphrased from Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

If you’re feeling any of this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

If you’re experiencing any of these things, there is nothing wrong with you.

You are worthy of feeling good and living a life that aligns with your sovereign soul—this journey will switch on your instinctive nature, so you can access all of your magic and wisdom to bloom wildly.


We Meet around the Mystic Heart Fire for 4 THURSDAYS with Prajna Live on Zoom for interactive sessions and to process the course material: 11 AM to 1:00 PM. PST. March 10, 17, 24, 31. Once you are registered you will receive an onboarding recording from Prajna on how to prepare, receive support on your journey, and what to bring with you.

Onboarding Recording from Prajna: this will introduce, prepare and tell you what to gather for this journey.

PRIOR TO EACH MEETING, YOU WILL RECEIVE A RECORDED TEACHING LESSON AND PRACTICE ON ONE OF THE FOLLOWING SEVEN THEMES or GATEWAYS TO PREPARE YOU FOR OUR LIVE INTERACTIVE SESSIONS. It is essential that you listen to these before we meet so you can be fully engaged in the fire of our circle — together. * These themes are not in a given order and will switch according to our group. We will extract what is alive for each session, acknowledging that covering all of these themes in depth will most likely take seven years.

This journey is an introductory initiation of soulful tenderness, open-hearted endurance, and life continuance. Each participant is invited to take each theme that is offered to the fullest extent possible that honors where you are right now in your journey healing from and leaving the houses of patriarchal oppression in its many guises. These themes are extensive and cover much ground. The themes we work with will depend on the circle of women and the information you provide on your application. Our cyclical nature and power are infinite.

Theme One: Exploring Stories of Origin — Resurrection of the Wild Woman  — Now and those that went before you. Related to: The Retrieval — Shedding Limiting Beliefs — Deprogramming — Healing Injured Instincts.

Theme Two: The Mother Wound — Stalking the Predators — Identifying Traps — Cultivating Cherishing Inner Mother Excavating.

Theme Three:  Powerful Emotions — Sacred Rage — The Nature of the Kiss — Life/Death/Life — Transmutation of Fire — Right Action — Forgiveness — Right Relationship.

Theme Four: Underworld — Dark Mysteries — Seeing in the Dark — Discovering Medial Nature.

Theme Five: Belonging — Becoming A Protectress — Healthy Boundaries — Earth Womb Coherence — Anchoring Roots — Safety to Bloom.


These themes will unfold for each participant in your own sacred instinctive timing. Slowfully, we do not push to fix, change, ask anything in your experience to be different. We learn to listen deeply, deeper still to every part of us.

Our main resource of dharma will stream forth from Prajna’s lived experience assisting hundreds of women to unfurl holding patterns, heal dismembered parts, and remember scar tissue as necessary for steady maturation as a sovereign woman.  Teachings will unfold from Women Who Run With The Wolves, Myths, and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PH.D. She has a gift of profound wisdom, insight, and love. She is my oracle from the past, present, and future. In order to gain the most from this journey, it is beneficial to read aspects of this book that you feel most drawn to. We will also draw upon Trauma-Informed Hakomi Practices, Dream Work, Deep Listening, dance/movement, and writing from your bones.

More Resources will be provided through our journey together as we sit together and listen for what nourishes your soul life.

Intermission: We will have a break midstream to sing, dance, move, stretch, bio break, and rest your eyes from the computer screen.

All Sessions are recorded: If you can’t make all of the live sessions, no worries. You can listen at any time. We want you to stay on course with us and dive deep into the recorded sessions.

Note: We will not spend all of our time on the screen. We will do practices off the screen while remaining together, as well as take a bio break.

Prajna offers a unique embodiment imbued with sacred feminine wisdom that comes through with power and gentleness. Our world is hungry for this. ~ Eilis Stanley, Dublin, Ireland

I loved this journey to so many beautiful places in myself that I’ve ignored for ages. Now I can view all of life from a softer, empowered place. The deep listening allowed me to dismantle a demanding masculine energy that was so draining. The powerful practices continue to deepen. I feel safe in my body and so honored to share in a sacred space designed by and for women. ~ S. G. England

*Please share this journey, download and invite your women friends, thank you!*

MEETINGS TAKE PLACE ON ZOOM: you will be given an email reminder before each session with the zoom link.

CARVING OUT TIME to NOURISH and HOME YOURSELF on OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER: There will be optional practices given for you to continue with between meetings. The more you are able to give your attention to these practices, the more empowered and confident you will be to shed, rinse, root, renew and emerge from bud to bloom. 15 to 30 minutes or more each day to cherish and shine your gifts home — renewed.

BONUS ONE: A small intimate group integration session with Prajna live on zoon shortly after the course ends to support the continuation of your journey. During the course, we will open times to schedule your 1.5-hour group session.

BONUS TWO: A free copy of Edge of Grace, Reclaiming the Soul of Mother by Prajna O’Hara.

COST: $250 due upon registration.

*Click the register button at the top of the page on the right*

COMMON QUESTIONS: What if I can’t make every meeting? Prajna will record each session. These recordings will be available throughout the course and after. You are able to submit questions to at any time. We are here for you. You never need to journey alone.

NOTE: Upon registering, please briefly answer the questions on the booking form. You can share more in the course. All is held in confidence. Thank you!

Recommended Reading (optional yet helpful): Cassandra Speaks, When Women are the Storytellers, The Human Story Changes by Elizabeth Lesser.  It is a wonderful foundation for our journey together. Additional supplemental materials will be given throughout the course to fill your medicine bag.

Women join us who want to activate their creativity, intuition, healing potential, and feminine wisdom. Women who heal, birth, guide, care, cure, craft, listen and support others to live with greater ease, power, connection, and a brave heart. Women who are fatigued by masculine ways and patriarchal systems. Women who feel called by the mother to unearth, shed and compost what does not serve. Women who are eager to ground in her deep soil and home their souls with deep roots. Sustainable entrepreneurs who want the tools for building life-earth-womb-soul wisdom sanctuaries for life to continue living.

About Prajna O’Hara MA, Feminine Soul Medicine Midwife, is a mother of three, two with disabilities; Graduate Studies in Theological Mysticism, In-depth Jungian Psychology, Liturgical Dance, Certified Trauma-Informed Hakomi Therapist, Remedial Neurological Education, Yoga, and Somatic Therapies, founder of the Women’s Embodiment Journey. She’s been facilitating women’s healing and soul journeys through courses and sacred dharma practices since 1978 beginning in women’s shelters and prisons. She is passionate about rinsing, washing, and mending the wounds that happen within us or as a result of patriarchal structures. She continues to heal and learn from a western medical protocol that coerced a C-section delivery of her twins at one pound each.  She vividly shares this story in her best-selling book, Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love. Prajna’s tender care of all things precious has supported thousands of people to uncover and birth a sovereign life replete with new possibilities for the wild and wise ways of the feminine soul. She welcomes all beings to undo and transmute socially constructed identities.

HONORING OUR EARTH WOMB: Enjoy this video where prajna shares more about her empowerment and healing process.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be sent in writing to For cancellation less than 2 weeks (14 days) before the program starts, your deposit is non-refundable. If you leave the program before completion your tuition is non-refundable.


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  1. Linda Skougaard

    Hi 🙏🏻
    I would love the course:
    “Wild women wild soul course”
    When is it available again, or is there a replay to buy?
    Blessings Linda

    • Prajna O'Hara

      Hello Linda, Thank you for your comment and your interest in this course. Prajna is creating her schedule and hopes to offer this again. Please be sure to put yourself on her newsletter for updates and more information. Thank you!
      Here is the link: to sign up and receive a gift on our home page.


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