Unveiling the Extraordinary: Celebrating Libby’s Journey of Birth Trauma, Resilience and Love

Libby is a wonderful companion. I often write about her twin sister Abby. Today I will center and celebrate Libby.

Prepare to meet Abby’s extraordinary twin, Libby. Libby, whose voice is wordless, possesses a profound ability to communicate through the sweetest of sounds—a language that resonates deeply within me. In her gentle, wise manner, she has bestowed upon me a priceless gift: the art of listening to the essence behind every sound that fills our world.

Libby’s clarity of communication is matched only by her remarkable patience. From the moment she emerged from a semi-coma at a tender six months old, she cried ceaselessly, lacking the protective embrace of myelin sheaths that safeguard our nervous system. Determined to nurture her fragile existence, I carried her close to my body, swaying, rocking, and venturing forth together, ensuring she could digest sustenance and thrive. Born at a mere one pound due to unnecessary medical intervention, we teetered on the brink of losing her, not once, but twice.

But, through the passage of two arduous years, her nervous system gradually found solace, embracing a newfound tranquility as she settled into her own corporeal vessel. Libby embodies an unyielding force of love and laughter, an enduring reminder of life’s immeasurable worth.

In these present times, her discontent only emerges when excluded from our shared endeavors. Then, with a fierce determination, she rebels, kicking her legs and screaming, a declaration that proclaims, “I am coming! I refuse to be left behind. I matter.”

And indeed, she matters. Libby holds a profound sense of belonging within our realm, amidst her cherished family and dear friends. Of course, there exist countless challenges, places where the terrain is unforgiving or the equipment she requires presents obstacles. Yet, we navigate these hurdles because she is an embodiment of life’s preciousness, vibrant and vivacious at the age of twenty-six.

Within the pages of my revised book, Edge of Grace, Fierce Awakenings to Love, Libby assumes a prominent role, as I recount the captivating story of her genesis and the extraordinary bond she shares with her twin and older sister. I invite you to honor her tenacity and resilience, to celebrate the exquisite beauty inherent in every breath she takes.

My revised edition of Edge of Grace will launch before the end of July 2023. We are currently waiting for the new cover.

Topics include: Our Journey, Ecstatic Home Birth, Libby’s Journey, Twin Sister Bond, Extraordinary Resilience, Motherhood and Love, Birth Trauma, Special Needs, Disability Inclusion, Celebrating Life’s Preciousness, She Matters…