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Womb Wisdom Emergence Journey


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A four week Embodiment Journey to Awaken and Re-connect to Your Innate Wisdom and Activate the Fire in Your Womb If your womb had a voice what does it say? The voice deep in your belly aching to unleash itself. For each of us this voice may sound different based on our unique experiences. We share common experiences that call for healing, restoration and celebration. As we journey together we will unlock the wise ways of women, activate our healing potential, and embody the fullness of who we are from the ground up. We will explore earth-womb wisdom coherence. Who is this journey for? Women who feel or have felt mistreated, shamed, disempowered. Or feel disconnected to any part of their body as sacred. Women who want to activate their creativity, intuition, healing potential and feminine wisdom. Women who heal, birth, guide, care, cure, craft, listen and support others to live with greater ease, power, connection and a brave heart. Women fatigued by masculine ways and patriarchal systems. Women who feel called by mother earth to unearth, shed and compost what does not serve. Women eager to ground in her deep soil and thrive with deep roots. Sustainable entrepreneurs who want the tools for building earth-womb wisdom sanctuaries for life to continue living. Sessions are recorded: If you can’t make all of the live sessions, no worries. The recordings will be available for 2 weeks in a private portal after our course has ended. You can listen as many times as you like.

We meet 4 Tuesdays: 11 AM to 2 PM. PST. April 6, 13, 20, 27. We will also connect through a private FB group.

Note: We will not spend all of our time on the screen. We will do practices off the screen while remaining together, as well as a bio break.

BONUS SESSION: Saturday April 24, 11 AM to 2 PM, PST.  This session gives us a chance to catch up with any of the material or experiences that require additional time, resolution or space to settle.

*To register click the register button at the top of the page on the right*

Prajna offers a unique embodiment imbued with sacred feminine wisdom that comes through with power and gentleness. Our world is hungry for this. ~ Eilis Stanley, Dublin, Ireland

*Please download and invite women, thank you!* This journey has five main themes that we will explore through meditation, inquiry, deep listening, writing, and movement during our month together. The following themes are interwoven and will deepen as we continue together. Theme One: Reclaiming Your Body — Exploring Stories of Origin. Theme Two: Excavating limiting beliefs, deprogramming and activating the feminine field of our bodies. Theme Three: Awakening Your Seed Vision — the great work of your life as a warrior queen. Nourishing the seed within, cultivating space for emergence, anchoring roots in fertile ground. Attending to your vessel, repair, reseal, renewal. This means setting clear boundaries as you emerge. Theme Four: Embodiment, Anchoring Roots for Wise Emergence and Earth Womb Coherence. Resources. Theme Five: Creating Initiations, Ceremonies and Celebrations.

We meet 4 Tuesdays: 11 AM to 2 PM. PST. April 6, 13, 20, 27.

BONUS SESSION: Saturday April 24, 11 AM to 2 PM, PST.  Integration and deepening session.

*Click the register button at the top of the page on the right*

MEETINGS TAKE PLACE ON ZOOM: you will be given an email reminder before the course begins with the zoom link.

CARVING OUT TIME to NOURISH YOURSELF JOURNEY: There will be optional practices given for you to continue with between meetings. The more you are able to give your attention to these practices, the more empowered embodiment will take root and emerge. 15, 30 or more minutes each day for you to nourish you.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Once this journey begins we will open a private facebook group. You will have the option to join for ongoing connection and inspiration.

BONUS TWO: A free copy of Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love by Prajna O’Hara.

COST: $195 due upon registration. OR $99 due upon registration and a second payment of $99 due March 31st.

EARLY DISCOUNT: *$159 for the first 5 registrants, due in one payment (all used). *Click the register button at the top of the page on the right*

I loved this journey to so many beautiful places in myself that I’ve ignored for ages. Now I can view all of life from a softer, empowered place. The deep listening allowed me to dismantle a demanding masculine energy that was so draining. The powerful practices continue to deepen. I feel safe in my body and so honored to share in a sacred space designed by and for women. ~ S. G. England

QUESTION: What if I can’t make every meeting. Prajna will record each session. These recording will be available throughout the course and for two weeks after the course has ended. You are able to submit questions to at anytime. HONORING OUR EARTH WOMB: Enjoy this video where prajna shares more about her empowerment and healing process.

NOTE: Upon registering, please briefly answer the questions on the booking form. You can share more in the course. All is held in confidence. Thank you!

Recommended Reading (optional yet helpful): Cassandra Speaks, When Women are the Storytellers, The Human Story Changes by Elizabeth Lesser.  It is a wonderful foundation for our journey together. Additional supplemental materials will be given throughout the course to fill your medicine bag.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be sent in writing. For cancellation less than 1 week (7 days) before program starts, the tuition is non-refundable unless you can find a replacement participant to take your spot. If you leave the program before completion your tuition is non-refundable.

About Prajna O’Hara MA, is a 63 year old mother of three, two with disabilities; Certified Trauma-Informed Hakomi Therapist, 2005; Grounded Spirituality Teacher and founder of the Women’s Embodiment Journey. She’s been facilitating women’s healing and empowerment through courses and sacred drama since 1978 beginning in women’s shelters and prisons. Her sexual abuse and body violation within patriarchal structures cuts deep, including recovering from western medical team of men that were negligent in the delivery of her twins at one pound each. She vividly shares this story in her best selling book, Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love. Prajna is passionate about birthing new possibilities for wise feminine care, grounded spirituality and empowering girls and women.

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