Valuing Your Calling


Dharma talk with Prajna.

In this talk Prajna shows how we all have gifts and a practice that brings these gifts forward in a way that feels vital, alive, valuable, meaningful. Exploring your inherent value.

Join Prajna in an exciting inner journey of discovery to access our gifts.

This message will benefit those who feel doubt, unrest, anxiety, confusion and/or depression, as well as those who are feeling the juice of expressing your gifts.

Length: 49 Minutes

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Lean how to sit in the middle of your life right now and unravel the messages that say, “not good enough,” on one hand or has grandiose expectations to be perfect on the other hand.

Learn the balance of the middle way of learning how to be you and to authentically express your gifts.

When you unravel the gem of your essential gift, the universe lights up.

There is a reciprocity of mutual benefit.

This is needed most when feeling like you have fallen off track. The world needs you to be you.

When all of us discover, claim and express our gifts we are contributing to the balance, health and well being of all humanity.

A short 2 step guided meditation on how to give the message of calm strength to your brain so your system can relax, reboot, and reorganize with a fortified positive message of hope and well being.