The Power of Looking Within


Being bombarded with so much information, looking out. Mind takes in information through an interpretation process and through that develops self-definition about itself. Our conditioning can be so heavily weighted in the mind space that there can be definitions of unworthiness, of ‘not enough’ or ‘I have to work hard’ or ‘something might be wrong’ or memories of experiences that happened; that paint a kind of identity, a picture and when we are just above the shoulders at the head space we are seeing and perceiving through a very limited lens. And that lens is what is creating a sense of identity, sense of a false identity.

Length: 18 Minutes

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When you just soften and land in yourself. When we don’t offer any resistance, we just allow everything to be as it is there’s a natural kind of descending into a different field of perceiving.

So we start to perceive from a wider lens you could call awareness or presence. Spaciousness. And it’s through that lens that we open up to the universe within.

Interpretations through the mind are not true. The identities we hold on to are not who we are. And to be free of those is a gift. Is a wonder. Opens you up to a greater mystery about who you are. It’s endless. There is nothing more satisfying.