Kindness Heals


Kind Whispers of Silence is a potent guided meditation.

The power of silence in your life holds you like a blanket of kindness as you offer gentle allowance to life.

In this guided meditation you will learn/discover why silence is so powerful and how our kindness is a portal to silence in any given moment.

Length: 25 Minutes

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• the power of silence and being kind to yourself.
• why silence is important, understand what silence is, and how it is always available…
• for mental health, stress reduction and healing your life.
• to understand and know who you truly are.
• to come to peace, compassion and deep love.

You will also learn what silence is not.

Silence does not mean to close off and not say anything. It is not a lack of noise.

Silence is our foundation. Our most potent medicine.

Learn to use silence as a way to clarify your expression and feel empowered.