Heart Opens to Love


We will explore how to heal a broken heart, how to hold ourselves in times of fear, depression, loss and how remain open to love and hold the parts of ourselves that feel traumatized, disconnected, abandoned, alone.
• Humans want to love and be loved now more than ever. It’s time to listen. Show up and respond from kindness and compassion.
• To join in a collective response to what is happening now from our universal heart.
• The importance of bringing compassion and empathy into our souls, soils and cultivate deep roots in self-care, harm reduction and practices that honor and sustain our gifts.

Length: 44 Minutes

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• The importance in giving attention and care for ourselves, we are then able to care for our mother earth. She is calling. “Mother, I hear you.”
• As we continue to work through this global pandemic, the world is humbled to its knees with many broken, without jobs, suffering loss, searching for solutions, longing to be held.
• What a nice hug would do for so many right now.
• Parts of this talk on Dharma are inspired from many sources. Credit goes to Stephen Cope for his wonderful book, The Great Work of Your Life, his example of Walt Whitman’s call to dharma.
• David White quote, “Some things cannot be spoken or discovered until we have been stuck, incapacitated, or blown off course for a while. Plain sailing is pleasant but you’re not going to explore many unknown realms that way.”

Prajna: “We’re at this cataclysmic change and we have to Listen… you know, we have to listen for… what is the deeper resolution to all that’s happening? What is the deeper resolution? You know… How do we come to a response? How do we not react out of fear? This is critical for each and every one of us right now.”

“We don’t know until we know and when we know, we truly know.”