Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love Digital Copy


Edge of Grace is a harrowing and life-affirming story of vulnerability, loss, and survival that also brims with tenderness, feminine instincts, and fierce love.

After decades of spiritual practice and recovery, Prajna’s dream of a thriving career and family shattered in the course of a weekend. With intimate storytelling, Prajna recounts the ecstasy of home birth and the tragedy of birth interrupted by medical interventions. Her heroine’s journey began with the heartbreak of mothering one-pound brain-injured twins. She walks us through the most humbling emotional ordeals and dark nights that uncover the troublesome consequences of modern birth and the indomitable power of the human spirit. The bravery of Prajna and her girls is both inspiring and triumphant.

“Beautifully written, moving and uplifting—surging with power.”  —Sarah Tavner, BBC Documentary Producer