A Friendly Bath for Anxiety


Feel the textured edges of your own body, a wonderful body that contains multitudes.

Becoming comfortable in your own skin. “Invite yourself to come into a relationship of friendliness, kind curiosity.”

A deep well of resources within, minute chiropractic adjustment. “Compost releases down to the earth. Becoming un-busy with nothing to do.”

Length: 63 Minutes

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You can let go. The earth loves our compost, this teaches us to be in sacred reciprocity. Letting go, down out through the base. Magnetic field of rest, keep falling, resting.

The human loves to bath itself in quiet, silence. …

You are your own treasure box of discovery, exploration.

Notice now the expansion of the mind. Thought is now very useful, creative, more focused on what needs attention.

What you are as this wide expanse remains here, anchored, deeply connected in fertile ground. There is nothing outside of you that can give you more nourishment than you can receive from inside of yourself.

Homing in on our inner tuning fork to what is the most important thing to give attention to.