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Edge of Grace – A Fierce Awakening to Love

“What a gift of a book! I experienced so much as I read it: tears, laughter, pain, anger and most of all, love. Prajna tenderly humanizes the spiritual path through her lived experience. So many incredibly deep teachings are seamlessly interwoven throughout the book.  It was especially strong for me because you made accessible a sense of reassurance that balance in this life is attainable. I am not a parent, but some of the fears I have about parenting are eased because of the way you gently remind us that these fears are a natural part of parenthood.”

Tara Castleberry

Yoga teacher & Education Consultant

“Edge of Grace draws you in and doesn’t let go. A real-life page-turner. Emotional, difficult, joyous, all in one. Like life but turned up several notches…. to the ultimate happy ending — Acceptance for All of Life As It Is!”

Anatta Campbell

Author of The Ordinary Buddha

“Edge of Grace pulls every heart string imaginable. Prajna shares her journey with transparent sincerity. From the heights of nirvana to the depths of utter despair, her difficult life’s circumstances become openings for wisdom, love, gratefulness and embodiment. Edge of Grace is a teaching story that shapes itself within the heart of one woman who has been surrendered by life and discovers the innate beauty and intelligence therein.”

Gloriji Agrelius

Shamanic Energy Medicine Woman,

“My Mom took the book from me. She can’t put it down. We love it!”

Sophie Wingerd

Grass Valley, CA

“Edge of Grace is so good! So readable, so vivid, such a page-turner. You won’t be able to put it down!”

Dr. Seth Roberts

Houston, Texas

“Powerfully life affirming. A remarkable journey of the human spirit meeting life as it is rather than it was hoped to be. With vivid imagery, Prajna invites us intimately into her life with its immense challenges. All emotions are laid bare, anger, fear, frustration, despair as well as exhaustion before the relentlessness of a life seeming determined to defeat her.

In this struggle, a fierce love for her children and a powerful determination to protect and nurture them brings forth resources she had forgotten she had. She finds a resiliency and ability to step out of the painful story of her circumstances. There are moments of joy and celebration with her family that are delightful.

Prajna teaches us that in the present moment outside the story of our lives, deep love and well-being can flourish. There is no end to this story. Life continues. It is not the serene life of the Buddha in the cave. Life can be confusing, complex, and challenging. It can trigger all kinds of feelings and emotions.

Prajna’s story teaches us not a spirituality where all pain or struggle are gone but one where life as a whole is held as one in love. Prajna shares with us that we all have within us a place of refuge deep in our heart that we can discover, rest in, and draw strength from to meet the world.”

Norman Scrimshaw

Co-founder of

“I read Edge of Grace in three nights. It is filled with inspiration, great joy, devastation, courage, determination, insight and wisdom. The authenticity of Prajna’s story shines through in a way that touches the soul.”

Dena Sharrock

Anthropologist, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

“I loved Edge of Grace. The story itself touched into some deep places inside, being a mom of twins too, but the way it is written with authenticity and reverence for this life has made it a book, a woman, a journey I will not forget. I am deeply grateful for the encouragement I receive reading this generous story…”

Nat Marcella

Stellenbosch, Western Cap

“Oh, what precious medicine your book is.”

Olivia Hearly

Santa Cruz, CA