Family is the context of our work and the foundation from which we continue to evolve. Join us in service of a more loving and compassionate world.

The Prajna O’Hara Team began in a family home of a single mother and her three daughters, including twins with disabilities. Watch this 9-minute documentary of our formative years. 

Phase one of our work began in 1998 as a not-for-profit called The Village School and Family Support Center in Santa Cruz. Prajna began this initiative, formed a board of directors, and wrote and received five grants to build a program to serve mixed ages of children (35% with special challenges) and their families for seven years. In phase two Prajna continues to cultivate a curative care home with therapeutic resources for trauma recovery. Prajna’s leadership has blossomed out of the richly rewarding challenges inherent in life.

As a team, we recognize that early life stress of family and trauma are often left unresolved or not valued as an essential aspect of spiritual practice. We acknowledge the underrepresented and marginalized populations that are denied resources for mental health and sustainable living. We invite you to join us in the safety of chosen family to bring forth a necessary global paradigm shift to heal ourselves, our communities and mother earth.

Our team members have joined us from many places in the world. Together we form an organizational model based on our values. It is our living dharma to learn and grow by nourishing each person’s unique gifts and fortifying the great work of our lives.


The principles that guide our work and our
engagement in community.


We strive to live honestly and sit in the messy complexity of human experience. Life is a constant learning process. We cultivate an environment that allows us to show up with kindness and curiosity rather than perfection. Through inquiry and reflection, we align our practice with that which is of greatest service to all beings.


Though we are committed to offering comprehensive support, we believe each individual is responsible for their own healing journey. We do our very best to avoid the typical power dynamics projected onto healers and teachers. Instead, we support you to stand your agency as you heal and cultivate your gifts. Welcome to your unique dharma.


We cheer on the capacity to chuckle at the often-ridiculous chaos of life. Who would have thought we could ever fall this far off course? We embrace the lightness of being and find that this often softens blame, shame, and the critical voice that spoils your day before breakfast. Not that any quest toward freedom is to be taken lightly, especially at this critical time on our planet.


We welcome adults of all races, sexual and spiritual orientations, genders, and with differently abled bodies to heal and practice with us. As a team of primarily women, we grapple with the destructive impact of patriarchal culture. We recognize the suppression of intuitive wisdom and power and the damaging impact on all genders. In actively dismantling patriarchal forces, as they are alive in all of us, we support a complete restructuring, honest reparations and restorations. The truth that sets all people free.


All people have experienced trauma in their lives, some much more than others. A container of safety is required to access a resource of calm for healing to unfold. We take utmost care in honoring boundaries, earning trust, fostering protection, and following through on our word. To this end, all of our meetings, circles, retreats and events are held in confidence unless explicit permission is granted. Some of our programs require an application to ensure safety for all.


We support each other in navigating the balance of giving and receiving. We educate ourselves and care about cultural appropriation and colonialism, sustainability, and the commodification of resources from mother earth. Our wish is to contribute to a compassionate, just, equitable and fruitful global community.

“Let love and only love be your guide.” Prajna


We are committed to using our privileges and resources to influence change. We are dedicated to giving back to the land and local communities that host our retreats such as Jakon Nete, a Shipibo healing retreat center in the Amazon Rainforest founded by the Shipibo family that we continue to learn from.

 We sponsor two initiatives: Twin Sisters Sanctuary for young people with disabilities and Planting Trees. When you make a donation, you support these evolving initiatives.

Twin Sisters Sanctuary

Join us in creating and sustaining a holistic curative care home community for young adults with disabilities and those who care for them.

Abbie's Cacao Magic

Our current featured initiative project! Inspired by her English friends, Abbie is making organic raw vegan cacao balls from a secret recipe.

Planting Trees

We invest in planting trees in the Amazon Rainforest through Tree Sisters and encourage participants that travel to our retreats to do the same.