I guide you to skillfully & compassionately explore and embody your deep knowing. We unravel beliefs, honor feelings, shed harmful patterns, and integrate traumatic imprints. Are you ready to unleash ecstatic aliveness, mend vital connections, and belong wholly to yourself?



All of my meetings are body-heart-centered and somatically focused to clear what covers or stands in the way of you experiencing yourself as whole & holy. 

By resonating in presence, unconscious patterns, deeply rooted beliefs or trauma held in the body-brain are accessed for rest and integration.

False identification unravels. Healing unfolds. The actuality of who you are is uncovered. Dharma (the call of your soul) is made clear.

I meet with you on Zoom to address whatever calls you to deeper exploration.

If you are new to working with me, please use the contact form at the base of this page. We will respond within three days.


Dharma is the call of your soul. The medial space where spirit, heart, and birthright align with the wisdom of your soul. Where spiritual awakening walks hand in hand with care, connection, and belonging — the instructions for your next steps in life unfurl and carry you forward.

Allowance to be uncomfortable. You learn to relax into deeper exploration with kindness. Listening opens. Love guides. 

We know when we are living our dharma. Our eyes light up. Our heart melts, body shakes. Energy arises.

We feel meaning in the face of fear.  Inch by inch we become a beneficial force of love for life to continue living. 

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Often, the most challenging and important work comes when you leave retreat. During a sacred plant ceremony you may have profound experiences where a tremendous amount of insight, learning and healing occur.

These experiences may unfreeze trauma and alter your relationship to yourself and life, opening you to new ways of seeing and being. 

You aren’t meant to do this work alone. For example, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Tobacco initiate a deep healing process that unfolds over time. 

Integration sessions allow you to maximize your healing and learning to embody a new way of living. 

Medicine work is a journey: a shedding away of what no longer serves, a discovery of who we truly are.  

Please send a contact request to be part of our next integration circle. A safe container to stabilize your healing and integrate your learnings. 

 “I have experienced many different forms of therapy and meditation, though never anything close to the directness of Prajna’s approach. She cuts and softens simultaneously through layers of unnecessary ‘garbage.’ Both the meditations and private sessions are truly extraordinary. Thank you!” Z. L.

“Dear Prajna, Thank you so much for your gentle wise guidance. I feel so taken care of. There is such a connection. I am in a deep process. Everything is more beautiful, not easy but clear. I have so much more allowance to feel. What a discovery! Much love.” B. N.

“I have just listened to your last online dharma talk and every single word of it spoke so deeply to me in my experience of recovering from trauma and learning to care for myself through presence.  Thank you so much for being such a clear embodiment of kindness and compassion in this way. It really touches me and supports me. Much love.” J.F.

“Hello sweet Prajna, Thank you so much for the meditation yesterday. It is amazing how you vibrate through the computer screen and what power. You helped me find direction for the situation I am in. I slept so well, such peace now.” A.S.  

“Thank you, Prajna. You create a great space for dropping deep.” M.C

“Thank you for this gift. I treasure it. It is a privilege to know you and all that you are. I remember Adyashanti saying once that most people are not really afraid of death but afraid of life. You have demonstrated to me how to meet life with courage, enthusiasm and joy. To walk through the fire. Thank you, thank you, thank you with love and gratitude. I have an expanded experience of myself and newfound freedom. I hope to join you for more meetings.” L.H.

“Dearest Prajna, Thank you for your open, honest and beautiful sharing in your meditations. Thank you for your ongoing love, support, wisdom and the way you give so much clarity to everything.” R.C.

“I’ve been following Prajna for years. Now she is bravely and humbly opening up like never before. Personal and powerful moving meditations. Her talks become a masterpiece of insight and heartfelt sharing of raw reality as it is — injustices past and present. And this great opportunity for redemption and healing beginning with her own apology for her lineage, and the prayer to do better.” L.N. 


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