womb Wisdom Emergence Podcast

A space to slow down, breathe and care for our bodies innate wisdom from the ground of earth mother up.

The womb of all existence gives birth again and again… to our humanness, our deep knowing — igniting unified ways of being. The journey happens deep inside our bodies. 


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Every week, we share heartfelt conversations …

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A love note from Prajna:

Womb Wisdom is an exploration of the journey of our humanness in a space of care and holding like that of our cosmic earth mother. We invite you to be exactly as you are in the innate wisdom of your body. 

 We bring forth raw, heartfelt, and revealing conversations that set aside denial and privilege for new possibilities to emerge. These conversations restore the ancient wisdom of womb spaces and are inclusive of all genders. We cultivate vulnerability, tolerance and support robust and resilient environments for authentic expression and love.  

Our intention is to make a meaningful contribution in healing collective trauma and the historical impact of dominant culture to all bodies. 

As we unlearn old ways and learn new ways of living in balance and sacred reciprocity, we deeply appreciate your patience, support, vulnerability and willingness to share. 


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