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A love note from Prajna:

We are a new free podcast and learning as we go along. Our intention is to make a meaningful contribution in healing collective trauma and the historical impact of dominant culture to all bodies.

As we unlearn old ways and learn new ways of living in balance and sacred reciprocity, we deeply appreciate your patience, support, vulnerability and willingness to share.

A more unified flavor of leadership is not something that only female identified bodies are hungry for. All aspects of our humanity have legitimate value rooted in goodness. As we journey together in a space of numinous mystery, unearthing, dismantling, surrendering what no longer serves, let us remember that we all have scar tissue. In this way our stories of recovery soften and mend the fabric of humanity.

Our voices of tender compassion are then a healing balm for the soul and nourishment for the human spirit. This is how I engage with “feminine” wisdom that is grounded in a brave heart space of a larger womb holding.

Thank you for gathering with us.