Medicine Woman, Trauma-Informed Hakomi Therapist, Meditation & Dharma Teacher and Mother. 

Prajna’s work is trauma-informed and amasses four decades of personal healing in curative vocations and non-dual wisdom traditions. Through raising twin daughters with disabilities on her own, she is continually gifted with the “wisdom of no escape” — the dharma unleashed amidst life, exactly as it is. She carries a medicine gift that shatters normative ideals that obscure our intrinsic value — our essential wholeness.  

After extensive training and initiations with indigenous healers, Prajna’s work has evolved to a rare fusion of healing plants, non-dual wisdom and somatic therapies to unleash who you are—your expansion, your love. She welcomes the messiness of the human condition with utter compassion and exquisite beauty. Prajna is widely appreciated for her deep care, clear seeing and contagious humor. Her potent healings are a stabilizing force in the necessary uprooting that is underfoot. 


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Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love

I was born in New York. I now live in Santa Cruz, California with my twin daughters, visiting oldest daughter and an emergent family. I am one of eight siblings from a wild Irish Catholic family.  

Since a young age, I was drawn to the mysteries of the Latin Mass, the Sanctus bells, golden vestments, adornments and Mother Mary. I felt heartbroken not to become an altar boy simply because I was a girl. Reciting the rosary became an obsession. I regularly gathered my beads to climb an oak tree by the side of our house. This great oak became my safe haven for prayer and questions I ached to have answers for. Why the violence in my home? Why the exclusion of women? Why children with disabilities on little yellow buses? Why the Ku Klux Klan?  

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I remember every time I heard a siren (and I heard many) I’d cross myself and weep as if a wound cut deeper. 

My search for sanctity and sanctuary began very early. I found solace in a few adults that dedicated their lives to holy service. Still a sense of incompletion, shame and brokenness persisted. I unconsciously suppressed this pain, a mechanism that had a snowball effect and landed me in undesirable places. 

My First Teacher — Eunice 

Forty years ago, an abrupt shaking by my first college roommate sent me on a radical healing course. She introduced me to Eunice Zimmerman, my first spiritual guide and therapist. She was the prefect fusion of an all loving mother and a no nonsense Zen police woman. After I relapsed into self-sabotaging behaviors Eunice tucked me under her wing. She told me, “If you put someone into an ocean of love, they will not feel an ounce, if they do not believe they are lovable.” She taught me the art of uncovering the layers that hide our essential goodness—our birth as love. I studied with Eunice for five years before her unexpected death. 

I continued to study and practice in a number of Ashrams and patriarchal traditions but nothing like my time with Eunice instilled within me a growing capacity to love and be loved. She taught me to never give up on love as our essential nature — a gift that cannot be earned. Love rules. I will forever be grateful to her. She continues to speak to me in so many ways. 

 Cracking Open 

 Eunice’s death opened me to a grief I had never felt. It was as if the loss of all I ever loved broke me open, all at once. I did everything I could not to feel this. Stuffing myself with food worked until I discovered a meditative state of absorption. Somehow I felt distanced from thought and feeling—unbroken. Each time I heard or read spiritual non-dual teachings I felt ecstatic immersion outside ordinary understanding. This became a space of deep nourishment and rest. 

Giving Birth—Motherhood Dharma 

 Some years into this mysterious samadhi my first child was born. My pregnancy was a thorough enchantment culminating with a seamless home birth. Throughout this time, I was intensely focused on reading and re-reading non-dual texts specifically the Ribhu Gita for first publication in English. This felt like the great purpose of my life, vocation, dharma. After the birth of my daughter it became clear that this particular spiritual life did not include family. My daughter Autumn was my first harvest, my introduction to dharma as mother. 

Suddenly, two years later I was on a helicopter to Stanford hospital without my toddler. Over a weekend, our lives were flipped upside down and inside out. My twins were born three months early at one pound each, smaller than my hand. You can read about the magnitude of beauty and challenge that unfolded in my book Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love. This name indicates how relentless life can be in gracing us with opportunities to continuously crack open and awaken to all-encompassing love. That was 1996. 

Meeting Adyashanti 

The next two years were a blur of diapers, nursing, oxygen, crying, cooking, bathing and angst filled nights. One day in a pit of isolation an old friend knocked at my door with a message. “I met a teacher named Adyashanti.” Ah da what? I was tempted to close the door. My history with male teachers was not fruitful. She left me a cassette recording called The Thresholds and Mysteries of Christ. I thanked her with a promise that I would not listen. But the title appealed to me. He spoke about the dark night of the soul, “the feeling of utter abandonment by spirit.” That got me. “Every spiritual awakening is followed by a corresponding ordeal.” I set out to meet him. He offered Satsang nearby. I resonated immediately. I found him to be utterly unassuming. He clearly needed nothing from me which was quite different from other teachers I met. An empty familiar spaciousness opened inside. Gradually and simultaneously, the truth of my intrinsic existence and worth received inner self-authentication and confirmation with this new teacher. I practiced close with Adyashanti for several years until he said “the student does not grow in the shadow of the teacher. It is time to stand on your own feet.” I feel forever humbled by the love and guidance Adya continues to offer as a mentor and friend.  

“Prajna is a true friend in the vastness. 

May all beings benefit from her Dharma.”




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Meet the Indigenous Healers and Master Plant Teachers that have guided Prajna’s healing work and facilitated her initiations in the dimensions of Sacred Plant Medicine.

Ernesto Garcia Torres

Maestro Ernesto comes from a long lineage of Curanderos. He is a world renowned Peruvian Mestizo Tabaquero Ascended Master. Ernesto is dedicated to healing by facilitating connection to the spirit of mother earth and plants through dieta.

Shipibo Curanderos

Maestra Sulmira and Maestro Jorge are the founders of Jakon Nete a Shipibo Healing Center in Peru. They carry four generations of plant wisdom and facilitate profound healing through Ayahuasca ceremony and dietas with sacred plants.

Plant Teacher Dietas

A plant dieta is a healing protocol that opens you to receive the wisdom and healing of plant spirits. In the Upper Peruvian Amazon, Tobacco is one of the most revered plants in the jungle for its protection, guidance, healing and life enhancing properties. 


Prajna fuses a unique blend of meditation, wisdom teachings, body-centered therapies, & healing plants directly from her life experience — exactly as it is.

Prajna’s main event is retreat. She also offers private sessions, meditation & dharma; tobacco ceremony & integration circles; plant diets & mentoring.  Prajna is often invited to speak at festivals, global venues and on podcasts.