Unveiling Who You Are

Welcome, I am Mother—Crone—Somatic Hakomi Therapist—Curandera—Retreat Facilitator—Trauma Trained Spiritual Guide—Author.

Are you eager to unbury — activate your inner knowing, transmute an old story, and embody self-love for meaningful connections?

I support you to uncover who you are and find meaning in the muddy middle of your life journey — to cultivate and cherish all that you are — without ‘fixing’ or ‘bypassing’ anything.

I do not shy away from the deep dark investigation of psychic land. This increases your soul power for re-visioning your life and self anew. If we only work in the light — we maintain a small borrowed identity. I work with you to unbury truth, restore balance and restful sustainability.

I give you the tools to mend, grieve, and rest in your body’s wisdom—as soulful, vital, and whole.

If you feel called to deep work, join me in a sacred hoop, women’s circle, or on an intimate retreat.

Prajna’s work is magical. I’m amazed by her techniques and the medicine she brings with her. Her feminine wisdom goes beyond anything I have ever witnessed.  ~ Tina, Germany 

Prajna’s retreats offer a powerful somatic release. The ceremonies, limpias, dancing, stillness, and nature — are profound and transformative. Deep bows to her work.  ~ Emer Sheehan, Ireland

Anyone who wants to heal, laugh and cry while doing so, will love Prajna’s retreats and her sense of humor. I’ve been on five retreats. I’ll be back.”  ~ Lena, Spain

“Prajna is a true friend in the vastness.
May all beings benefit from her dharma.”

Prajna’s Zen Mentor, Author, Cofounder of Open Gate Sangha

 “Prajna offers a unique embodiment imbued with sacred feminine wisdom that comes through with power & gentleness.

Our world is hungry for this.”

E. S. Dublin, Ireland 

“Prajna is one of us, very real, very human. She shows us how to live spiritually, in how she works with others and personally.”

T. M. Germany, Dharma & Retreat Participant 

“Oh what precious medicine your book is.”

Olivia Hearly, California 

“Prajna’s meetings are balancing, healing and grounding for my nervous system. A dark time has shifted and guided me to new possibilities. I am empowered to connect deeply. I am wiser for it.”

K. M. Embodied Dharma 

“Prajna, I love the way you transmit direct experience. I am relaxing, body shaking, tears releasing in this deep interior, energy descending down to my legs, grounding my body.
I feel directly met on so many levels.”

N.R. Sebastopol, CA

“After 15 years of therapy, you guided my way to release. I found new hope. I am touched, overwhelmed, & amazed by all of the beauty we carry inside of us. I now believe in my innocence.”

A.G. Retreat Participant 

“Thank you for giving me space for digesting grief, fear, & anxiety.  I left my job. I remember your wise kind words. Now, I am living on purpose. Almost every day something new comes my way. You have touched me so deeply.”

N. F. England, Dharma Practice 

 “I enjoy your teachings tremendously, so much resonance and beautiful realness.”

 L. N. Germany, Apprentice 

“Thank you for creating sacred space for deep human sharing.”

 C. H. Canada, Full Moon Ceremony 

“Prajna is a wise intuitive strong being that sees clearly what is going on for each person. In her warm caring presence, I have healed painful issues in my gut. My foundation is strong. I speak truth more easily. I fully recommend you spend time with this amazing woman. I am love.”

G. H. England, Apprentice


 I support you to reclaim parts of yourself that have been injured, rejected or suppressed — to remember who you are, restore self-love, and embody yourself to live from the ground up, as embodied wisdom.

What is Your Heroine’s Journey?

Edge of Grace by Prajna Ginty Ohara book cover


 “I have experienced many different forms of therapy and meditation, though never anything close to the directness of Prajna’s approach. She cuts and softens simultaneously through layers of unnecessary ‘garbage.’ Both the meditations and private sessions are truly extraordinary. Thank you!”  ~ Zachery

“I am thankful for Prajna’s gentle wise guidance. I feel so taken care of and connected in this deep process. Everything is more beautiful, not easy but clear. I have so much more allowance to feel. What a discovery! Love.” B. N.

“I have listened to your dharma talks and every single word speaks so deeply to me in my recovery from trauma and learning to care for myself through presence.  Thank you for being such a clear embodiment of kindness and compassion. It really touches me and supports me. Much love.” J.F.

“Thank you, Prajna. You create a great space for dropping deep.” M.C.

“Thank you for your gifts. I treasure you. It is a privilege to know you. I remember Adyashanti saying once that most people are not really afraid of death but afraid of life. You demonstrate how to meet life with courage, enthusiasm, & joy—to walk through the fire. Thank you, thank you, thank you with love and gratitude. I have an expanded experience of myself and newfound freedom.” L.H.

“Dearest Prajna, Thank you for your open, honest and beautiful sharing in your meditations. Thank you for your ongoing love, support, wisdom, and the way you give so much clarity to everything.” R.C.

“I’ve been following Prajna for years. Now she is bravely and humbly opening up like never before. Personal and powerful moving meditations. Her talks become a masterpiece of insight and heartfelt sharing of raw reality as it is — injustices past and present. She shows redemption and healing beginning with her own apology for her lineage, and the prayer to do better.” Larry 

“Hello sweet Prajna, Thank you so much for meditations. It is amazing how you vibrate through the computer screen and what power. You have helped me find direction for many situations. I sleep so well, such peace now.” A.S.