Aug 27 2024


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Sacred Tobacco Healing Ceremony

Sacred Tobacco (Rustica Nicotiana) Healing Ceremony:

Tobacco restores health, well-being, and clarity to your body, mind, heart, and soul.

Prepare with an intention: What do you need support with? What is ready to clear, mend, and resolve? What are the most important things for the next step in your journey? How can this master plant teacher and Prajna assist you?


• CLARITY: Learn to rest and allow mental, emotional, and physical fatigue to rise to the surface and clear. Energy comes to support you for the next step on your path. 

• UNEARTH BLOCKS: Receive insight into who you are by clearing what is in the way, so you can move forward in life with power and purpose.

• CURE: Tobacco Is an extremely powerful purgative, effectively cleansing the intestines, the blood, and the body including killing parasites, viruses, and bacteria.

• GROUND: inhabit your body, deepen your inner life, meditation practice, and connection to the earth.

• LEARN: Tobacco is the most powerful way to discover more about yourself and to learn from the plant world. The tobacco diet is the foundation for further training in medicine healing throughout the plant world.

• DREAM: Receive direction and teaching from ancestors and other dimensions through dreams.

Tobacco is Mother Earth’s firstborn and director of all the other plants. Learn more here. This master plant healer and teacher is used throughout the Amazon by all tribes for many purposes and has powerful healing benefits when used properly and responsibly.

Donations are sliding scale $125 to $195 by arrangement with Prajna.

The Basic Sacred Tobacco Guidelines for Optimal Benefits: 

Diet: Organic wholesome foods that include: beans, grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Please no dairy, processed foods, red meat, spice, ice, salt, alcohol, recreational and prescribed drugs, or sex. Please avoid media that is violent (news), or overly stimulating. It is best to give your system three days to clear and quiet your energy to receive this powerful master plant teacher. A week is best. Three days are required. Check with us if you have questions.

• Eat lightly or only fruit on the day of this event (all fruits and veggies are allowed)
• Bring a yoga mat or three-fold mat, blanket, and pillows for extra comfort.
Prepare your intention: What is in the way of you fully expressing yourself? How can Grandfather support you at this time, what do you need?
• Water bottle. Please arrive well-hydrated.

Date: Tuesday, August 27th. Arrive at 5 PM (please arrive on time) We will close at about 9 PM.

Location: private residence near Totnes, England

Cost: £125 (150 USD)

To Reserve a space for this ceremony, please contact: Anne @

Prajna (Curandera): is guided by extensive dietas of plants and trees as an apprentice in the lineage of Ernesto Garcia. This is an honor and privilege that she holds with the utmost respect in service of the plants. 

We look forward to joining together for a deep pause, connection, healing, and prayer to align more deeply with who we are, and Mother Earth — to learn to live in honor and sacred reciprocity with all beings. 

We as Peruvians ancestrally and traditionally have many natural medicines. They have been used only by people who know the plants and their preparation and dosages. These are our roots. As curanderos, my students carry this medicine as an energetic healing force for many people and the earth.” ~ Ernesto Garcia Torres, Tobaquero



Caution: These ceremonies can be quite intense and difficult to endure. It is important to work with someone who is experienced and trained to work with tobacco to avoid complications.

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