Jul 12 2024 - Jul 15 2024

TimeVermont, US

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Sacred Life Giving—Plant Spirit Healing Retreat, Vermont

Join us for a Life-Giving Plant Spirit and Healing Retreat. 

Do you yearn for in-person connection necessary to regulate and mend your social nervous system?

To be free of harmful habits and inhibitions that are isolating?

To receive guidance, and tools to embrace more of who you are, stand in your powerful inner wisdom, and nourish your self-worth?

We invite you to a medicine hoop container that allows you to shed, be held, and witnessed with utmost compassion. In our conscious container, you will be strengthened in feeling, intuition, and instincts to know and own yourself without an exhaustive mental narrative.

We support unapologetic self-love to trust your body with clarity to call back projections, maintain healthy boundaries, and polish your inner seeing.

Most importantly:

Do you long to know and be who you are — to see things as they are — to respond to life rather than react?

If you are called to recover vitality and meaning while entering liminal spaces — altered states of consciousness, learn from dreams, master plant teachers, our conscious container, and deepen your connection to soul, true self, and ancestral lineage with our earth mother — listen to your body…

Do you feel the ‘yes’ of excitement alongside the bittersweet of entering the unknown?

Good. Go ahead and register or reserve your space on our waiting list. Historically, our retreats fill up.

Prajna’s in-depth training through dietas within the Shipibo tradition and with the renowned Maestro Ernesto Garcia, dream and shadow work, and holistic therapeutic processes efficiently enhance her capacity to offer exceptional well-rounded guidance for your safety, healing, and transformation.

Participants Report:

“This was my second retreat with Prajna. It was magic! I was crying a lot and laughing too. All in silence! I feel that Prajna’s power of healing is increasing. She connects perfectly with the innermost structure of everybody. She knows what is best to progress on your own path and become more human. I feel that I progressed light years on my way to full human development.”  R.C.

“The plants and connection with my body allowed me to process unresolved traumas and emotions — to see, feel, and honor the learning they bring.”  Carolina

“Retreats are a direct way to heal and learn from Mother Earth. And I absolutely love Prajna’s humor.”  Lena R.

“Precious Intimacy with myself and others.”  Emma

“Immense felt safety and trusted holding to truly do your inner work.”  Nigel

“Prajna has my full trust.”  Ariana W.

“Blessed to work with Prajna. I feel so safe and able to meet myself.”  Natalie

“Unwinding. Grateful. Restored. Ready.”  Rachael


Join us in a Residential Retreat for 4 days and 3 nights, at a Beautiful Healing Sanctuary, surrounded by woods in central Vermont. Closest to the Burlington, Vermont airport. Directions are provided upon registration.

What You Will Receive:

  • An intimate journey with personalized attention to soften, rest, and recover your capacity to live your life with greater ease, purpose, and integrity.
  • Carefully crafted therapeutic processes & shadow work that shed toxic shame, revive energy, clarify & unleash your authentic expression.
  • Wisdom teachings of three master plant teachers for learning and healing while restoring your connection to Mother Earth.
  • Curative care to release painful identifications, core beliefs & conditioning to relax and be who you are.
  • Limpias (healings) in our cosmic hoop. A space cultivated for the greatest degree of safety possible for our shared humanity to be met, seen, witnessed, and attended to with passion and playfulness toward personal and collective evolution.
  • Dynamic movement & time in nature. Delicious diet-friendly meals.
  • We will work with Sacred Tobacco as our foundational plant medicine tea, mother tea, and cactus tea. Tobacco is Mother Earth’s firstborn, the most revered plant in the jungle for its power to teach, cure, communicate, and protect. Tobacco helps invoke the power of other plant medicines as food for nature and spirits.


Complete the required application. Space is limited.

You will receive information about diet preparation, accommodation, and our terms and conditions throughout our application process.

Once you have completed your application and deposit, assume you are accepted unless you hear from us within five days.

If you are unable to attend this retreat due to eligibility requirements or because we are full. You will receive a refund.

If you have attended a prior retreat, please update your answers and review this Link to our cancellation policy.

Limited spaces are available in our intimate circle.

Explore Prajna’s YouTube Healing Plant Playlist here.

“Prajna’s skill and intuitive wisdom of the plants guided me to break through a block I have suffered from for years. I experienced healing deeper than before. I’m renewed with clarity and strength to stand in my power. Immense gratitude for her capacity to support us to deep connection and inner peace.”
— Tara Castleberry

“Prajna has my full trust. I have never felt safer. She creates a sacred space to dive deep into our humanity with joy to clear unconscious material. Her limpias (healings) are like nothing I’ve experienced with other guides. I emerge with more clarity, safely grounded in this body.”
— Ariana Wohlstatta

Read More reviews here

Residential Retreat Tuition for 4 days and 3 nights: $925 (does not include accommodation).

Dates: Friday, July 12 at 1:00 PM, ends Monday, July 15 at 5:00 PM (EST)

Book before Sunday, May 12 at the early bird price of $875

Retreat Tuition does not include accommodation as listed below.

NOTE: All participants are required to stay for the full retreat, without exceptions. Our meals are family style with each participant bringing a contribution. This will be organized once your registration is complete, with plenty of time to prepare a diet-friendly dish.

Accommodation and lodging are arranged with and paid to the host directly.

Approximate combined rates for three nights: $200. More info is provided upon registration. Contact us with your questions. 

More details and directions to our exquisite location: will be provided once we receive your application and deposit.

Application and a deposit of $450 are required. To register, scroll to the bottom or click the ‘Register’ button at the top of this page. Payment terms and conditions apply.

We’re happy to answer additional questions. Please send us a contact request for a confidential conversation on Signal or Zoom.

Join us in an exquisite setting in nature. Connect more deeply with your feminine energies of tender care, connection, and rest while releasing habits of depletion.

We promise a restorative experience that will have a long-lasting positive impact as you move forward on your unique journey.  

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Learn more about the content and benefits of our retreats here

More words from participants:

“Every part was special, my heart is so full.”

“Transforming process in myself, so much love, power, softness, and healing.”

“Beautiful compassion, deep wisdom with an eye on the inner child.”

“Curious, relieved, and playful to go this way with me!”

“Most beneficial ceremonies, challenges, deep healing, and connection.”

“Getting into my feet and not dimming my light to fit it.”

“Liquid love bringing clarity and grounding.”

“Prajna’s holding, gratitude, calm, happy…”





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