“Prajna’s riveting account of her path through life’s greatest challenges simultaneously broke and healed my heart. It reminds me of the Muriel Rukeyser quote: ‘What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.’ Prajna’s telling of her truth is a blessing to each reader and the world.”

—Amber Aldrich 

Reclaim Your Voice — Your Body — Your Way.
I guide you to skillfully and compassionately explore your somatic experience by unraveling patterns, beliefs, emotions, wounding and patriarchal imprints.
We go deep to cultivate a self-loving & empowered you.

Grounded spirituality roots you in your body & connects you to earth, to dismantle patriarchal constructs of identity that dampen your fierce feminine love and power.

           Everything in your life is a portal to deeper discovery & meaning.             I walk with you to unearth what doesn’t serve you & to cultivate your radiant emergence.

I’m here to listen. She is calling …
She is the prayer echoing within, the ache in your belly, calling your heart — calling you to be who you are.


Wherever you are in your journey, every step informs the next.


Online private and group sessions: space to pause, inquire, feel, discover, replenish, ground and blossom as love in action.  


A brave space skillfully led to uncover core wounding for healing, transformation & integration. Your heart is fortified.

“Prajna is a true friend in the vastness.
May all beings benefit from her dharma.”

Author, Teacher, Open Gate Sangha

 “Prajna offers a unique embodiment imbued with sacred feminine wisdom that comes through with power and gentleness.

Our world is hungry for this.”

E. S. Dublin, Ireland ’18

“Prajna, I love the way you transmit direct experience. I am relaxing, body shaking, tears releasing in this deep interior, energy descending down to my legs, grounding my body.
I feel directly met on so many levels.”

N.R. Sebastopol, CA ’19

“After 15 years of therapy, you guided my way to release. I found new hope. I am touched, overwhelmed and amazed by all of the beauty we carry inside of us. I now believe in my innocence.”

A.G. Retreat Participant ’19

“Thank you for giving space for digesting grief, fear and anxiety.  I left my job. I remember your wise kind words. I feel I am living on purpose. Almost every day something new comes my way. You have touched me so deeply.”

N. F. England, Dharma Practice ’20

 “I enjoy your teachings tremendously, so much resonance and beautiful realness.”

 L. N. Germany, Apprentice ’18

“Thank you for creating sacred space for deep human sharing.”

 C. H. Canada, Full Moon Ceremony ’21

“Prajna’s meetings are balancing, healing and grounding for my nervous system. A dark time has shifted and guided me to new possibilities. I am empowered to connect deeply. I am wiser for it.”

K. M. Embodied Dharma 

“Prajna is a wise intuitive strong being that sees clearly what is going on for each person. In her warm caring presence, I have healed painful issues in my gut. My foundation is strong. I speak my truth more easily. I fully recommend you spend time with this amazing woman. I am love.”

G. H. England, Apprentice

“Prajna is one of us, very real, very human. She shows us how to live spiritually, in how she works with others and personally.”

T. M. Germany, Dharma & Retreat Participant ’18 

“Oh what precious medicine your book is.”

Olivia Hearly, California ’17

Photo: Santa Cruz, CA on unceded Amah Mutson Tribal land where Prajna & her family live.
Prajna is of Irish descent, born in New York on unceded Haudenosaunee and Wenrohronon land.

Hi I’m Prajna,

An author, seasoned dharma teacher, trauma-informed somatic Hakomi therapist and plant healing guide. Over four decades I’ve assisted 1000’s of people like you to heal, awaken and cultivate an empowered heart centered life grounded in truth.  My work is informed through raising three unique daughters, two born three months premature through medical trauma. My life experience has given me skillful means and empathy necessary to meet whatever you bring. I help you uncover your inherent gifts even if it means soggy tears and messy muck. I stay with you.

I offer this body of work as a prayer that arose out of a dark night that literally blew me off course. After a huge ‘what the f…’ untidy dismantling, I’m stronger, more grounded, connected, and here to support you to birth new possibilities for living in harmony with life.

Let’s do this. 

P.S. I love trees, plants, cacao, pole dance, open water swimming, pleasure, and outright silliness.


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